The death has occurred of Fr. Martin TIERNEY

The death has occurred of Fr. Martin TIERNEY the former Chairperson of the Dialogue Ireland Trust in the Blackrock Hospice.

Date of death: Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fr Tierney was one of the first to become aware of the issues involved in relation to cults, Sects and New Religious Movements in Ireland.  He wrote about this extensively in the media and tried to alert the Churches and society about the challenge these groups represented. He helped numerous families throughout Ireland during his ministry. In the 1980′s, a number of people from different Christian churches became pastorally involved in this area. Subsequently the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Dublin appointed Fr Tierney as Chairperson of a committee established to provide information and necessary pastoral care in relation to new religious movements. Later in 1992 it was felt that this ministry should best be approached from an ecumenical perspective, and the leaders of the other mainline Christian Churches in Dublin responded positively to an invitation to participate in the work of the committee. This committee later became the Dialogue Ireland Trust. Further development took place in 2001, when Dialogue Ireland, though continuing to be supported by the churches, became an independent Trust, thus giving it greater freedom in carrying out its mission. Fr Martin Tierney had retired as the chair over 10 years ago. He was a pioneer in the field in Ireland with his book, “The New Elect.”

Mike Garde, Director of the Dialogue Ireland Trust

Date published: Friday, May 14, 2010

5 Responses

  1. May he rest in peace


  2. As the person who worked with Fr Tierney for over twenty years he actually gave me a file of material before he left on Quinn. He was as you say aware of the
    his game plan for years. He had been priest out at the airport and had many families come to him about him. My last major meeting with him was in 2003
    when I was attending the Mary Johnston vs Scientology case at the High Court. We had lunch and a chat about a number of issues.
    Mike Garde Director DI


  3. Fr. Martin Tierney did great work in speaking out against the Tony Quinn cult in the 1970s when he warned against the “personality cult” that Quinn created around himself as a new messiah and the terrible exploitation of young people by this man for his ego and financial gain and the mental damage suffered by people at Quinn’s hands. Some of Fr. Tierney’s comments are on the Dialogue Ireland archives. History has proved him absolutely right about Quinn.


  4. My brother in law Tony Phelan got insnared in Scientology 22 years ago after the sudden death of his mother and even though we have not seen or heard from him in years(USA ?) we got the strength through Dialogue Ireland to speak out in the national media ectra .Fr Tierney ,Mike and others through Dialogue Ireland gave us support and information . Fr Tierney would have understood the words of Abraham Lincoln when talking about slavery “to Sin by Silence when you should protest makes cowards out of men”His reward will be that the work carries on and endures may he rest in peace


  5. This is sad news. May Fr. Tierney rest in peace, and rest from his wonderful labors in setting so many free from dangerous cults.

    Fr. Tierney would now doubt be pleased with the attention to the cult of Scientology and its abuses that has arisen over the last two years. I think Fr. Tierney would also be overjoyed with Easter Homily of Archbishop Robert Rivas, OP, of Castries this year in which he denounced Scientology’s assault on St Lucia. He is the first Catholic bishop in the English-speaking world to speak out. Dialog Ireland reported the news on this website. See

    Fr. Tierney did not labor in vain and his example continues to inspire us.


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