Visit of Delegation from Dialogue Ireland in January 2009 to Hick’s Tower.

Delegation from Dialogue Ireland in January 2009 to Hick’s Tower, Malahide, Tony Quinn’s base in Dublin.


For years, DI has attempted to get (Doctor) Tony Quinn to engage in a public debate about his philosophy and organisation but without success.  He refused to participate and refused to send a representative to participate in a conference on Tony Quinn’s Educo system in 2001.  This conference was organised in response to requests for help from DI from many hundreds of individuals who complained of financial rip-off and mental coercion by Tony Quinn.  The Director of DI, Mike Garde has had communications from well over 1.000 individuals over 20 years who informed him about how they had their lives or the lives of family members badly damaged by their exposure to Tony Quinn and his organisation.  Towards the end of 2008, the director of DI was approached by several ex-Educo members who had recently separated from Quinn and were being subjected to severe harassment by Tony Quinn’s organisation.  There were many starting to question the Educo system and Quinn’s behaviour and many others who had recently left the group and who were extremely unhappy and disturbed by the treatment and threats they were receiving.  This trend has continued to the present.  DI was told of what amounted to serious verbal threats made by Quinn towards the director of DI.  These threats were made in the presence of Educoists who later left Quinn and reported these disturbing threats.  The DI website was brought down in late December by a massive sustained attack on the server it used.  In an attempt once again to bring Quinn into public dialogue and debate a DI delegation visited Hick’s Tower in January 2009 but Quinn could not be contacted.  Once again, DI are offering Tony Quinn an opportunity to dialogue and debate in public about his system.  This time DI have the services of Dr. John Butler as one of the experts who are prepared to debate and discuss the Educo with Tony Quinn.  Dr. Butler is a highly qualified authority on mental programming in individuals and groups, mind development and the use and abuse of suggestion and hypnosis.  He has studied the phenomena of cultist groups over many years and carried out field work on many groups to investigate them from an insider perspective and worked with survivors of abusive groups and their families.  He first gave a lecture on these topics for DI at a conference in November 2007.  An audio recording of this talk can be accessed on the DI website at

As you can see there was no door bell or way of communicating with those inside. The Director left his business card. You will note that very little of TQ’s resources have been invested in the property. According to locals it has little investment since TQ purchased it.

Notice Side Entrance Hick's Tower Jan 2009

Hick's Tower Malahide Jan 2009

Further View Hick's Tower Malahide Jan 2009

More Distant View Hick's Tower Malahide Jan 2009Posting Business Card Hick's Tower Malahide Jan 2009Posting Card MG Malahide Jan 095 Church St Howth Jan 2009This is the infamous Howth House, (5 Church Street) which was sold to Glen O’Callaghan. Many supporters of Quinn have lived there. It is also the place where two young men who were part of the Yoga group who drowned used to live.


Many of you will remember Greg Dyck who was the Director of the BBC. Earlier Dr John Butler was the main consultant in a CH 4

documentary: Greg Dyke investigating uses and abuses of hypnosis in sport entitled “Boxing Clever.”

Thought those of you who have been to the party around Christmas would like to see what the place looks like and find out a bit of history.

You would have been there in the dark.

Tony’s patent:


European Patent Application EP1937368. Kind Code: A2. Inventors: Quinn, Anthony (Hicks Tower, Coast Road, Malahide, Co. Dublin, IE). Application Number:
by A Quinn – 2007

72        June     2003    Hicks Tower

20        Winter 1983    Hicks Tower’

20        Winter 1983    Hicks, F.G.

25                    1985    Hicks, F.G. (Hick’s Tower)

72        June     2003    Hicks, Frederick George

5 Responses

  1. Where have you been since 2009. No hatred just personal attacks. Keep it up. Would you like to sit down and discuss your position?
    Give us a call…………………………………..?


  2. We would be delighted for you to develop your points into a full article. We allow freedom of expression.
    Please send an article to
    I hate no person. I disagree with Quinn and believe he has brought not one single benefit to Irish society.
    He is a parasitic who has robbed many of their mental,spiritual and material health.


  3. When I saw you one that day outside the RDS mr Garde. My main impression was of a man with poor health, resembling a of bitter priest. I felt nothing but what a waste of time for yourself and what a foolish troubled man. What you really are doing is preventing Tony Quinn incredible discoveries in helping people have a better life. You are preventing this good news from getting to more people and attempting to dirty his name with your immature, biggoted narrow views. All i can say to you and your sad followers is I would not like to be you. Of course there is no threat from me or any sensible loved filled person. The threat comes from your own derranged mind.
    I don’t hate you or anyone that listens to you.Because I know that to hate someone or something that hate comes first from the person’s own mind. Instead I don’t like your action. I think and know it to be very sick and stupid and indeed very evil. I still wish you well and love the goodness inside you and your followers and sincerely hope that one day you wake up and realise how wonderful every person is and how much love there really is. But it starts with you giving up all that hate that I see you holding on to.
    You know someday maybe you will join the Educogym and get healthy and happy in every way and you believe it or not would be welcome. Tony himself would welcome even you.
    Now that is being a real christian


  4. you are really a sick man Mr Michael Garde. All you are doing is generating hate. How can you be so against Tony Quinn a man who has helped me personally and many many people I know. Really my only advice for you is live and let live, because if you don’t some day soon you will wake up and realise that what you have been doing is the greatest mistake a person can make. You are bringing alot of bad energy on yourself and those who foolishly follow you. I appeal to the goodness inside you if wake you up before it’s too late for yourself. Not because anybody really belonging to Tony’s organisation would lower their consciousness to deal with you but because you are preventing goodness from flowing. I.e you are more like a cancer cell.


  5. Proof that Dialogue Ireland Director is getting to the oldie educoists living in Hicksville.
    So after your visit to the tower that has had little done to it over the years, for some strange reason the sign on the door these premises are protected by video surveillance has disappeared.
    It has been there since the 1990s hence the words video. Why now has it been removed after Dialogues’ visit?
    Could it be the educoists are shaking in their boots? There was no camera in the 90s so why was a sign put on the door? If no camera existed, now does it mean if there is no sign, a camera might be present?
    Just more mind games from the crazy educoists.


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