Holy Wars a documentary contrasting the Islamist world of Khalid Kelly and the Evangelical Pentecostal Missionary Aaron Taylor

Khalid Kelly argues there is no such things as moderate or extreme Islam there is only Islam.

Prime Time – 13/12/2016. Richard Downes examination of Khalid Kelly, the Dubliner who became Ireland’s first suicide bomber. A very Irish story from Terry to Khalid Kelly.

Prime Time - 13/12/2016

Khalid Kelly, born Terence Edward Kelly  (1967 – 4 November 2016), also known as Abu Osama Al-Irlandi and Taliban Terry was born in the Liberties and was an Irish Muslim convert and at one time the leader of Al-Muhajiroun in Ireland.

Kelly was once a nurse. He was jailed in Saudi Arabia for making alcohol and transporting a large quantity of Johnnie Walker. Like Yvonne Ridley, he converted to Islam after being imprisoned in Saudi Arabia in 2000. He has a daughter who lives with her non-Muslim mother as well as two sons, Osama and Muhammed.

In November 2016 he was reported to have blown himself up on the orders of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) during the Battle of Mosul (2016)

This RTE documentary is an appropriate documentary to end the 100th Anniversary of 1916. Khalid Kelly‘s radical transformation from bootlegger to Islamist mirrors our own history of Proclaimist violence. When the Republic was proclaimed by the 7 signatories it was assumed that this entitled them to breach the laws of democracy and to open fire on anyone they wished. The evil Empire of Britain was fair game. You will note how Khalid took the same view when gave support to the Islamist project. We have grown weary of analysing our own violent origins but Khalid in a gentle way mouthed this same ideological perspective.

His final photograph as the programme shows is on the one hand an expression of despair and commitment but there is an air of uncertainty as if as the programme concludes he had boxed himself into death. Not as the valiant defender of Mosul but rather his world ended as T.S. Elliott puts it not with a ‘bang but a whimper.’ He goes not to a triumphant meeting with the virgins in paradise, but rather to the hell of his Christian origins. Continue reading

Gulen organisation is keeping a low profile

IMAG0059The Gulen organisation has gone underground in Dublin. Turkish Irish Education Society. They are now on Marlborough Street, south and to left of North Earl Street.

Continue reading

Fethullah Gulen’s Race to the Top Is Over

The Turkish cleric’s decades-long plan to use schools to acquire political power and cultural influence has ended in shambles.       

  Foreign Policy Magazine


AUGUST 5, 2016

“Like a cancer, this virus has metastasized,” President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in a speech days after Turkey’s attempted coup. The virus to which he referred was the followers of the Pennsylvania-based cleric Fethullah Gulen, whom he blames for orchestrating the attempt to topple him from power. Continue reading

Gulen seen as a dark force behind the smile

Turkey: Is the Gülen Organization a Cult?

Breitbart Newshe Associated Pressby ROBERT AMSTERDAM

31 Jul 2016

Note: Robert Amsterdam is a Canadian attorney based in London who has represented government officials, corporations and human rights activists around the world. He isworking with the Turkish government on litigation involving Gulen.

In the aftermath of the violent attempted military coup launched against the Government of Turkey on July 15-16, urgent questions have been raised regarding the role of the self-exiled cleric, Fethullah Gülen, resident in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania. Continue reading

Prime Time 2006. The decade long rise of Islamism in Ireland

This important documentary has been down for a number of years. It is very important to have this programme as part of the archive. The recent Prime Time piece on the Muslim Brotherhood should be watched in conjunction with this programme.


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