Pastor Tom, Thomas or Tommy Cooney has gift of bi-location

Do you know Tommy?

Yes we know Pastor Thomas. He used to be involved with The Living Word Church in Galway. He then took over the Abundant Life Church Galway when Kevin Sanford did a runner leaving a massive bill for non payment of rent. He then allied himself to Brendan Hade in Dublin and the Church was renamed Victory Galway. Now with the collapse of the Crock of Gold Church in Firhouse they have renamed themselves Connect Church.


Now suddenly I get a call from Dundalk from a bewildered citizen who will remain nameless telling me that Grace Church had closed and that suddenly Pastor Cooney was opening a new outfit called Connect Church, Dundalk. So is Tommy using our new great motorways to operate in two locations? Or is this a holding pattern till the dust settles in Dundalk in regard to Grace Church? Is he coming as part of the biblical receivers? After what happened in Galway where Tom Cooney was brought in by Hade after he had taken over Abundant Life in Galway. Do we have a kind of pseudo takeover here to divert the new Charities Regulator?

Some connections are in order to use a pun. Tom Cooney’s sister is married to Hassan Boyle. Hassan Boyle was at one time connected to Victory Christian Church and Brendan Hade. I met him at a meeting when they were based in Westland Row. He obviously had a falling out but he brought the idea of a Christian School to Dundalk as there had been one in Dublin and it was in the Industrial Estate until the Fire regulations kicked in. I understand it has closed again. There was also a Starbucks Cafe in the Industrial Estate attached to the Church. It closed on Christmas Eve without explanation. Starbucks was a feature of Victory in Firhouse? Where is this leading you tell me?

“So have ya time for a coffee?”

Elvis has left the building!

So here it is folks, our last day
I’d just like to acknowledge our wonderful staff.
Our original manager Spencer Cantu, a real gentleman, Claire Copas, Charlotte Murtagh, Carrie McCoy (who was responsible for all the young men coming in!) Nathan ‘pretty boy’ Cooney (who was responsible for all the young ladies coming in!), Michael Narainsamy, the ever cheerful Megan Cooney and of late Danielle, short yet sweet. And not to forget Dearbhla Cooney who held it all together in spite of us! Thank you all sooo much guys, it was a pleasure! Now you’re all fired!! Lol.
End of an era…….you might say!

Why has Pastor Conney opened up in Dundalk? He is from the town, but is he closing down Galway and moving home? We hope the public by leaving comments here will let us know?

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Victory Christian Church: Statement from an Evangelical Church following their latest appearance in the High Court

Statement from an Evangelical Church following the latest Victory Christian Church appearance in the High Court.

Pastors  Gerry Byrne, Sheila Hade and Brendan Hade
Names have been changed to protect confidentiality. This would be an excellent example to follow:

From: “xxxxxxxx” adam and Continue reading

Victory Christian Fellowship (VCF) told in no uncertain terms to disclose the details of the money trail

The High Court has ruled that the trustees of the Victory Christian Fellowship (VCF) must must disclose details of their income and assets to Bank of Scotland arising from a €18.7m judgment obtained against them. Continue reading

Victory Fellowship is marching to defeat.

Bank of Scotland seeks to examine trustees of Victory Christian Fellowship over their assets
High Court reserves judgement on proposal to examine church trustees’ alleged failure to comply with receivers
Aodhan O’Faolain, Irish Independent

Published 28/10/2014

Scales of justice

THE High Court has reserved judgment on a bank’s application to question trustees of a church over their alleged failure to comply with receivers appointed over some of their properties. Continue reading

Victory Galway has recognised Defeat and has rebranded as the Connect Church.


A few years ago we were dealing with the collapse of Abundant Life Galway and the takeover by Victory Dublin. Added to this was the dumping by Thomas Cooney of his own Church, The Living Word Church and hoping to live off the riches of Victory Dublin. Now they call themselves Connect Church.

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Court of Law not turning out to be a Court of Praise!

Victory Case adjourned till October

The case was adjourned today Wednesday, July 24 till October. The injunction is to stay in place pending outcome of full hearing of action in regard the Victory and other properties.

Its a move to save costs, fight the same issues in one case.  A tactic engaged by those with no funds and no hope of success. Continue reading

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