Victory Church/ Centre: DI can confirm that speculation on “new” European Headquarters for a Christian church is incorrect.


Dialogue Ireland received a concerned call from someone who has infiltrated  a certain group who will remain nameless for the present. They are spending over €1m on renovating the place. They briefed us on on an attempt by Brian Hade to enter the property without permission. He still seems to be holding onto his Freeman beliefs which involve not recognising the law.

We saw him bend his knee in the courts in this regard a few years ago. You can see how a false concept of prosperity aided by out of control loans from the Bank of Scotland brought this vanity project down to earth. Continue reading

Death, the Prosperity Gospel and Me By KATE BOWLER FEB. 13, 2016

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Death, the Prosperity Gospel and Me By KATE BOWLER FEB. 13, 2016

Credit Dadu Shin Continue reading

Hassan Boyle joins Anti Water Protest from his house behind a gate

Front and house HBFrom our Christian leaders home series. This is to show that there is a causal connection between tithing and rich pastors. The house is found on Mount Avenue, in the Castletown area of Dundalk and is known by the locals ‘as back of the wall. It is worth about € 500,000 or thereabouts.

We know this is his house as there are notices on the gate re water charges, nonpayment with Hassan’s name on them. Continue reading

Dialogue Ireland suggests debate with Terry Quinn on Wednesday 4th November on the subject of cultism.

We published a series of reports on the activities of Hassan Boyle and then on the developments around a men’s movement and the promotion of a new variant of the Prosperity Gospel.
As these were greeted with silence we have decided to challenge Terry or whoever else would like to take part in this event to a public debate. Continue reading

Gerry Byrne of Victory Christian Fellowship bought into the Terry Quinn philosophy and look where it got Victory

Trying to get a handle on Terry Quinn we went through his Facebook page for 2012 just before the calamitous collapse of the Prosperity Pyramid in Firhouse, Co Dublin in the summer of 2013.
He was a guest of Victory Christian Church.

Here is the video of this event where Gerry Byrne is the chief cheerleader. The event is on his Facebook page.

8 December 2012
Speaking to the men of Victory Dublin this morning -The revolution is growing

Terry Quinn


Just in case some of you missed this recent report here it is again.

Why do people continue to follow a model of Christian discipleship that wounds them and leaves them struggling financially?

Here is the most extensive archive for you read further what results from following this model of Christianity.


Pastors  Gerry Byrne, Sheila Hade and Brendan Hade

But not only was Gerry Byrne involved but also Brendan Hade.

Gerry Byrne in the wars and turns to marriage for comfort

New developments with Gerry Byrne of Victory as reported by Phoenix.

Pastors  Gerry Byrne, Sheila Hade and Brendan HadeGerry Byrne is on the left and is seen with the other Trustees of Victory Sheila and Brendan Hade.


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