Dialogue Ireland received this testimony from a former member of the COG 2006

Dialogue Ireland received this testimony from a former member of the COG.

In Ireland we still have a remnant of the COG living near Castletroy, Co Limerick. When they first came to Dublin they lived in Haddon Road, Clontarf. Continue reading

Juliana Buhring is involved with RISE International Foundation

RISE International

RISE International works to protect children from abuse in cults. It has the knowledge which should be used to help the victims of abuse in Ireland. Though there is little involvement of the The Children of God’ currently in Ireland we want to provide a connection to the clerical and institutional abuse experienced in Ireland. These people have so much to offer, as was seen in the interview on TV3 which can accessed in any part of the world. https://dialogueireland.wordpress.com/2010/01/21/tv3%E2%80%99s-midweek-on-irish-cults/#more-2416

Here we wish to provide the historical background for people from Ireland to leave their stories. The Director met in Faith Berg on the opening night in the summer of 1972 in London and was invited to Bromley where a guitar was played in his face, You got to be a baby!

In Ireland they were in Haddon Road, Clontarf and it was there that Una McManus decided to exit. Her book not fora million dollars tells her story. Many of the early escapees remained Christians, now the abuse and conditioning was so strong it has led to a total feeling of nausea around the faith. In the 70’s they were in Newcastle, Co Dublin and had many bottles of water stocked up as they awaited a nuclear explosion.

In the 90’s they were around Duleek Co Meath and were still advocating open marriages. Gordon Melton visited them there.  They ran a propaganda outfit at the Inform Conference in London in 1993 and again in 2001. Abi the big mama who ran this operation sanitisation from Luton.  We have befriended many survivors and a lot of victims who never recoverd following their immersion in this serious abusive group.

Please if you are one of them leave your story here: Continue reading

TV3’s Midweek on Irish cults

Continue reading




·Midweek uncovers the terrible truth behind some of the cults operating here in Ireland

·We talk to a cult escapee, Juliana Burhing, about her time in Limerick with the infamous Cult ‘The Children of God’ and we hear about the mental, physical, and sexual abuse she suffered whilst in the Cult

·The show also exposes recruitment techniques including ‘Flirty Fishing’ and discusses what to do if your children are targeted by a cult

·Tune in to Cults: How Safe Are Your Children? Midweek airing tonight at 10pm on TV3 Continue reading

The Children of God

By Gottfried Oosterwal

1. Stories about the Children of God (COG) continue to make headlines in the press and the media. “Parents Fight Cults to Save Children,” reads one of those recent headlines. “Freedom of Religion Suppressed,” read another. There are stories of brainwashings and deprogramming, reports of kidnapping and rescue missions, but also testimonies of communal happiness and “festivals of love.” Continue reading

Christianity Today – 24/02/78 – Children of God

A résumé of an article which appeared in “Christianity Today” 24th February, 1978. It is a condensation of a well-documented report filed by correspondent Joseph M. Hopkins.

Children of God’s (CoG) name has been changed to “Family of Love”. The term “colony” has been changed to “home”. Continue reading

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