Letter from Fr Michael Caulfield of Our Lady of Refuge to Shannonside Radio.

Our Lady of Refuge
Co. Roscommon
Dear Joe,
I heard you mentioned my name on the radio show about Our Lady of Refuge. The Congregation of Our Lady of Refuge was set up by Bishop Ralph Napierski in February 2013 with 26 founding members. Bishop Ralph is a Catholic Bishop in line with the Pope, not subject to Canon Law. This is a fact; not subject to speculation. He has already taken the German press to court for saying he was a fake. He won the case. I enclose the court ruling. While I write, he is taking an Irish Paper to court for saying he is a fake among other things, all not true. Continue reading

Communication from Fr Michael Caulfield of The Congregation Of Our Lady of Refuge and reply by the Director of DI

On 26/04/2014 17:05, Michael Caulfield wrote:

Dear Mike,

Please find attached a letter addressed to you which we would like you to post on your website. Please post the whole document or none of it at all.

Also attached is a letter that we sent to Shannonside radio back in December 2013.

Please send any future correspondence to this email address.


Michael Caulfieldpriesthood-congregation-our-lady-of-refuge

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Director of Dialogue Ireland meets Michael Caulfield in Drumcondra

Last May DI published a post on   The Congregation Of Our Lady of Refuge entitled:

Michael Caulfield and Bishop 

Ralph Napierski?


Today April 4, after a few weeks seeking to understand the actual work that Michael Caulfield is involved with it was agreed that the Director will travel to the location in Roscommon to discuss with them what they are engaged with. I spent over two hours with Michael today and it was at times extremely difficult to communicate as he moved onto so many tangents it was unbelievable. He is a builder and is working on a property in Drumcondra. Continue reading

Is Michael Caulfield linked to WILLIAM J. KAMM?

Recently Dialogue Ireland was approached by people concerned about
Mary McGovern Carberry (Maria Divine Mercy.)
They were linking some of those involved with McGovern with The Congregation Of Our Lady of Refuge.
We are waiting for them to send us more material on the MDM which we hope to publish  in due course. Continue reading

Scam artist, Chancer, Publicity Seeker, Fake or Real Bishop? Would the real Ralph Napierski please stand up?

In May we asked the questions about Michael Caulfield and Ralph Napierski. We had received calls by people were concerned about the presence of  The Congregation Of Our Lady of Refuge in Roscommon.

We have received no new information about either and neither have given an interview to the Irish media since then and other than a report in a local newspaper no one has an idea what they are about. Continue reading

What really happened in Vatican, and why did world media LIE? Bishop Ralph Napierski in conversation with Sudevi

Ralph Napierski claims he had a meeting with his community in Ireland in a monastery . See youtube starting at 7 mins 39 seconds. Continue reading

DI Director on Shannonside Radio with Joe Finnegan about The Congregation Of Our Lady of Refuge.


The Joe Finnegan Show on Shannonside Radio: Continue reading

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