Response concerning Anne a lay apostle by Kevin J. Symonds

By coincidence DI used the comparison of the House of Prayer and the Organisation Direction For Our Times to make make a slight tongue in cheek comment that such was the poor level of cooperation between the House of Prayer and the Archbishop of Tuam that what was happening in Kilmore looked like perfection in comparison. Little did we know we were in fact about to add another visionary group to our list of categories. We noted a comment left by Kevin J. Symonds raising concerns about Anne a lay apostle. Continue reading

Lessons from Direction for Our Times for the House of Prayer

On our blog we are receiving comments which our correspondents tell us is directed by Christina and Fr Gerard McGinnity.

They praise themselves and claim that they are waiting to get a call from the Bishop in Tuam to start the process of investigation.

That is yesterday’s business, they are in denial about the fact that  option was died years ago due to their intransigence. Continue reading

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