Inside the cult of Sangharakshita Its formative years, by an ex- long-term member

In Ireland the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order/ Triratna Buddhist Community FWBO/TBC is known as the Dublin Buddhist Centre. They have a centre on Joyce Street, Dublin 1.

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Alan W

Inside the cult of Sangharakshita.

An extensively revised 2017 edition of this article, with new material and some updates, can be found here:

Its formative years, by an ex- long-term member.
I was involved with the FWBO/TBC intermittently from the late 70’s until the early 2000’s. Until the late 1980’s I was heavily involved and in the centre of things – including the ordination process. I was, however, never ordained into Sangharakshita’s Order; the reason will become obvious in the content of this article.
There are a few general points that I should make: as I feel that they have not been given the importance they merit in other commentaries on the FWBO/TBC that I have read.

Following this, I will deal with specific issues in an autobiographical context.  This will cover the formative period in FWBO/Triratna history, from the late 70’s until circa 1998.

General points

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