“House of Prayer” opening in Brewster, New York, USA is a flop.

175 people were at the opening. Many were from out of state.  Christina and Fr. McGinnity live streamed from Ireland.  No pictures or note taking allowed.  My contacts there said the livestream was amateurish, with Fr. McGinnity droning on for over an hour, then Christina.  It was not structured or planned out carefully.   Lots of emphasis on sales of the miraculous picture. 

Christina is denying she ever said those who get the covid vaccine will go to hell. Below is the quote, which happens to still be on the Facebook page from the House of Prayer in Leander, TX, and the FB page for the Minnesota house.  They must have forgotten to take this down!  

Here are quotations from Christina’s website:

“..daughter, write down all that I tell you. It is important for all the people of the world.

People, I say to you listen and hear what I tell you. How foolish you were to abandon My Mother’s Houses. How you have lost many graces My Mother desired to give you for protection. You continue to walk in blindness and without My grace you will fall like the many of My priest sons. You see how fast My priest sons hide and fail to give My Sacrifice to you – that of the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of My Son Jesus – to nourish you in soul.

Your world has with it the deepest darkness of hell, the antichrist. How so many bow down to his power! Yet even more will do so in a short time. You will all be called into the suppression and dictatorship of antichrist. You will be called upon to receive the vaccine that is death, and the mark of the beast will be forced upon you. Those who receive it willingly will die – unto eternal death.”

For more information please check:

  • Here is a very compact and compelling read.
  • Understanding the cult environment my thesis on the MMM.  Chapter 2 on the definition of cultism.
  • Our material on the House of Prayer, including a lot on Friday McGinnity himself which address his role in the cult and his hold over the bishops.


  • This 10-year documentary really brings the issues to a clear conclusion. 

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