MARK OF BEAST Families’ anguish as Christina Gallagher’s House of Prayer urges New Yorkers not to take vaccine

Christina Gallagher has amassed a massive property portfolio while families are at their wits’ end with worry for relatives.

Achill-based House of Prayer set to open new centre in New York

THE controversial House of Prayer is set to open a new $2.2m centre in New York on Saturday where it will charge followers almost €400 for a picture which they claim will offer spiritual protection.

Alan Sherry

August 21 2021

The Sunday World revealed last week that families were distraught after elderly relatives refused to take the vaccine because of the anti-vaccine messages founder Christina Gallagher claimed to have received form Jesus.
More relatives have come forward this week to express their anger over the anti-vaccine message fake visionary Gallagher claims to have received from Jesus , and are calling on her to say whether she has taken the vaccine herself.
We can also reveal that the House of Prayer have insisted anyone attending the launch of their new house in New York next week will have to provide photo ID and have been banned from recording or taking notes at the event.
As we reported last week, Gallagher claimed to followers that Jesus told her: “You will be called upon to receive the vaccine that is death, and the mark of the beast will be forced upon you. Those who receive it willingly will die – unto eternal death.”

More concerns relatives came forward this week to say they are terrified their elderly parents with medical issues could become extremely ill or die if they catch Covid.
Now they are calling on Gallagher to reveal whether she has been vaccinated herself.
“If she is encouraging people not to take the vaccine she should come out and say whether she got it herself,” one family member of a follower told the Sunday World this week.
“Vulnerable people are putting their lives at risk because of her messages.”
Another relative compared what is happening to “coercive control” because Gallagher has so much influence over her followers.

The relative, who asked not to be named, said: “This woman has done so much damage. It has caused so much trouble in our family. It’s very visible what she’s doing. How she is still operating is beyond me. She preys on fear and during the pandemic. I didn’t even want to check her website because I thought god knows what’s on there.”
However, earlier this year she realised her relative was not going to get vaccinated because of what Gallagher said.
“You try and change their mind but it won’t work because it’s a cult. You’re talking about elderly and vulnerable people. I’m sure this has led to death in some families already but it wouldn’t shock me if she [Christina] was vaccinated at all.”
The House of Prayer refused to comment to the Sunday World on whether Christina has had the vaccine.

Meanwhile, we can reveal that the House of Prayer spent $2.2m on a former synagogue in New York State which will become the newest House of Prayer in the U.S. when it officially opens next Saturday.
They already have other houses in a number of American states including Texas, Minnesota and Florida.
Gallagher won’t be travelling over to the US for the opening due to Covid travel restrictions but will be livestreamed from Ireland into the House of Prayer in Brewster, New York.
We can reveal American followers will be paying a significant amount more for a controversial picture the House of Prayer sell and claim will protect followers from the apocalypse she claims is coming.
A woman working at the new house told callers this week that a range of items will be on sale at the house including a picture of Mary with roses which will cost $466 (€398) which is a significant increase on the €250 price of the same picture at the House of Prayer in Achill.
The woman also said that anyone attending would have to bring photo ID, would not be allowed take notes as she said notes could be misrepresented and any recoding was also prohibited.

She also said there would be a virtual “Benediction” with a supposed Eucharistic Host that turned to flesh.
Mike Garde, director of Dialogue Ireland which has investigated the House of Prayer for years, said he expected the house to try and reach out to traditionalist people in the U.S. who are disconnected from the Catholic Church.
“You don’t invest $2.2 without having some game plan.”
He said as well as using the New York house as a base to attract more American members and more donators it could also been seen a property investment.
“I would bet this money is the accumulation of donations and she has to put it somewhere because there’s no interest in banks so property is the answer.

“She learned from Covid she doesn’t need to go to them. She can do it by livestream and stay home and put the money straight into the coffers.”
He said he has dealt with numerous relatives of House of Prayer members who have expressed serious concerns in recent days over the vaccine issue.
Mike pointed out that people who have left money to the House of Prayer in their wills could die sooner because of Covid.
“The more Covid comes along the more people will be dying and handing their cash over to her quicker.”
While the Catholic Church said it doesn’t recognise the House of Prayer there have been calls for years for them to excommunicate Gallagher.

Mike, who was refused an interview with the Catholic Bishops over the matter in 2016 said he believes that they have “a duty of care to not only not ‘recognise’ Christina Gallagher but to move to excommunicate her for her sub Christian theology and for the abuse of vulnerable adults”.
“It is up to the Archbishop of Tuam to undertake this action. Also the retired priest of the Archdiocese of Armagh Gerard McGinnity has been lending support to this very questionable enterprise and should be withdrawn as a matter of urgency by Archbishop Eamon Martin.”
The House of Prayer lashed out at the Sunday World following last week’s piece attacking the newspaper for “another gratuitous attack” which they claimed “distorts the work of Christina Gallagher”.
They also attacked RTE’s Liveline who followed up on our story during the week.
A Christina Gallagher supporter who called the programme said the vaccine itself wasn’t the mark of the beast but instead people who are vaccinated will then receive the mark of the beast which she said was “the chip”.
Conspiracy theory groups have been falsely claiming since last year that Covid vaccines would contain a microchip to control the population.

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