The Frank Report tells us the full story of Tony Quinn

Frank Parlato is an American investigative journalist widely credited for breaking the NXIVM sex cult story which led to the arrest and conviction of its leader, Keith Raniere, Seagram’s heriess Clare Bronfman, American actress Allison Mack and three other members of the group. Parlato has been featured prominently in the HBO docuseries The Vow, credited for rescuing “sex slaves” from the cult in Starz TV “Secuded” and starred as lead investigator of Investigation Discovery’s Lost Women of NXIVM. His investigative work is found online at

Here is report on the Messy Messiah Tony Quinn.

A reader brought EDUCO to our attention. EDUCO is founded by Tony Quinn.

Tony Quinn from the 1970s

EDUCO operates out of the Bahamas but has a USA presence. Mary Ann Malone, of St. Augustine Florida, an ‘Agent for EDUCO Enlightenment Seminars,” is the organizer of three EDUCO groups New YorkFort Lauderdale and Denver.

EDUCO has similarities to NXIVM.

  • It uses a seminar MLM model, with recruitment agents who have a downline,
  • it has a leader who claims exceptional mental skills
  • Quinn had a change of course with his persona like Raniere — in Raniere’s case, he was super businessman and smartest man in the world then super mystic, scientist and smartest man in the world as guru of human potential company. In Quinn’s case he was Yogic master, healer and Jesus figure then greatest business guru in the world plus fitness and health and mystic healer and aura reader.
  • Like Raniere’s, Quinn’s followers believe he is a prophet
  • Quinn claimed that he commands the highest fees of any mind trainer in the world. Raniere’s followers made similar claims.
  • There are claims of coercive-control
  • Both men claimed to be the smartest or greatest thinker in the world
  • Those who recruit encourage people to cut off contact with their friends and family
  • Sexual-assaults by the leader,  Quinn claims he was awakening the women’s kundalinis. Raniere claimed he was empowering them by giving them his semen.
  • Pressure on members not to speak out.
  • Ex-members known for being afraid to speak out about their experiences.

Quinn, 76, is from Dublin. A butcher and former body builder, he studied hypnotherapy, and gained fame in Ireland as a psychological trainer for Steve Collins before his title fight with Chris Eubank.

In his Jesus and yoga days, Quinn would touch devotees and, like the Holy Rollers, people would jump around, fall off chairs, flap on the floor or faint dead away. Some followers believed they were reincarnated with him from past lives at the time of Christ.

Quinn sometimes asked devotees to kiss his feet.

In the late 1970s, Quinn boasted that 94 per cent of sick people who came to him  “including those of a serious nature,” show marked improvement and that  he healed more than a third of the people who had cancer.

His leaflet, reportedly delivered to 100,000 homes, claimed: “Healing and Yoga Therapy sessions. Results speak for themselves, detailed records are kept, over 94%, including those of a serious nature, show marked improvement, while 35% have been completely cured. Among the complaints successfully treated are: Asthma, Psoriasis, Migraine, Cancer, Varicose veins, Arthritis, Dermatitis, Poor Eyesight, Infections, Ulcers, Jaundice, Bronchitis, Mental retardation, Congenital Deformities… At one time Quinn had 30 yoga groups in Ireland. He did “absent healing,” claiming to heal by meditating at the same time with a sufferer even though they might be miles apart. “I believe that inside everybody is this life force,” says Quinn.” Healing takes place by meditating on it.”

From Health to Money

Quinn rebranded in the 1990s as a business guru and began mind-coaching seminars, moving to the Bahamas.

Seminar reportedly cost about $20K – for a 10 day course.  He reportedly charged €63,500 per head for in person mind-coaching seminars, to reprogram the “hard drive” of student’s minds.

Quinn also claimed he was the highest paid Human Potential speaker, in the world and claims to have charged $140K for one-to-one coaching.

Sometimes students work as EDUCO Seminar Agents and gain a downline with a payment of $2K for everyone they recruit to the next seminar, on condition that the EDUCO agent pay to attend at least one seminar per year. As Quinn says: “Bill Gates transformed the world through computers. My vision is to transform the world through mind technology.” Like Raniere’s NXIVM Intensives, others would often run the seminars, and the leader might make a surprise appearance. Quinn was known to arrive, appearing from the back of a limo then speak to the delighted and surprised attendees. Sometimes he would arrive to “heal people”.

Bookmaker John Boyle of Boylesports said Quinn’s mind-programming technique transformed his life. “I went on the seminar and now I am feeling awesome, happy and at my all-time best.”

From it we learn that Quinn (born 1944) has been called a “yogi,” “fitness expert”, “health guru”, “business guru”, “mind trainer” and “mind coach.”

Quinn charged €18,500 to attend Educo Mind Power seminars and up to €63,500 for advanced seminars.

We also learn that he is [or was] the director and shareholder of the energy company International Natural Energy (INE) in Belize.

In 2010, his estimated worth was €50 million.

International Natural Energy

Quinn was once a director and shareholder of energy company International Natural Energy (INE) in Belize.[2] In 2011, his holdings in the company were worth approximately €18 million. He was reportedly given shares by the company’s directors after using his “mind technology” skills to assist them in finding oil.

INE, was founded by Susan Morrice and Sheila McCaffrey from Northern Ireland. 90% of the company’s investors were Irish attendees of Quinn’s Educo seminars. Over 300 investors bought between €40,000 and €200,000 of shares.


Quinn established Educogym, a chain of gyms in Ireland, Belize, London, and Los Angeles. The Educogym programme involves a ketogenic diet, use of Quinn’s dietary supplements, and a “Time Machine” exercise device.

Celebrity clients have included singer Robbie Williams, soprano Cara O’Sullivan, and golfer Darren Clarke.

In 2015, Educogym was censured by the Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland (ASAI) for advertising a programme to lose 14 pounds in 12 days. The ASAI upheld the complaint that the advertisement “was misleading, as it was unsafe to suggest this weight could be lost in such a short time”. The advertisement was withdrawn.

The Tony Quinn Centre in Dublin offers prayers to be said by Quinn or his associate Aideen Cowman for a subscription of €30 per month.

 Amelie ‘Eve’ Hattingh and Tony Quinn. She is about 40 years younger than him. 

Personal life

Quinn moved to The Bahamas in the 1990s where he lives on Paradise Island with his girlfriend Amelie “Eve” Hattingh (born ca. 1986).

He also has a Martello tower house in Malahide, Dublin.

There is a subreddit dedicated to this group at r/educoworld

A summary of EDUCO is available here.

 Quinn’s life is documented here.

 EDUCO Model promises results

Documentary by TV3’s 20/20 show

Documentary about a follower of Quinn, bankrolled by $1M of follower’s money who attempted to use NLP Imprinting to succeed in the music business. .

Rick Ross calls EDUCO a Human Potential Group, grouped with NXIVM and Heaven’s Gate.

This group was recruiting in London in 2020.

An account of an ex-member.

3 Responses

  1. This is a cult of the truest nature. Quinn is surrounded by people who protect him. People like Aideen Cowman, Susan Morrice and Martin Forde to name a few. These channel money through Jersey- head office of educogym – and they recruit people. They use the mafia model. They then use these people to follow and play mind games with anyone who has attended a seminar but then decides to go another way or anyone who they see as a threat to Quinn. Tony Quinn knows this goes on and does nothing about it. The same people planted drugs in a ladies house in Belize when she objected to handing over shares to Quinn in their so called oil company. But their world and the people they have recruited is about to fall down.

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  2. You might be interested to know the video of Thurston Pym and a rather famous pop-star using a Tony Quinn “Time Machine” has been removed from the Internet! This might have something to do with making “his people” aware of the true-nature of EDUCO! Take That Educo!

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  3. Is it really 50 years this month since Tony started this hustle? It would be great to hear from ex-members and share some memories!


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