Devastation after a Landmark cultist seminar

Illustration: Michael Byers

Devastation after Landmark by “J”
I’m a 54-year-old woman, I have 1 brother who is almost 56, he lives with our father. A couple of months ago my brother was introduced to the Landmark by a friend, he subsequently attended the forum A 3-day course and the follow on seminars, he has also registered for the advanced course.
He has never been diagnosed, however, his behaviours are all strongly indicative of a covert narcissistic personality disorder. I was therefore concerned when this course came up, (due to a long history of difficulties with him) and because he was being very secretive about the whole thing, alarm bells were ringing! I found out it was Landmark and became even more concerned when I had done some research, I attempted to explain my feelings which were ignored.
The effect of the course on my brother was immediate, he became automated in his speech and actions it was very disconcerting, he would communicate fairly normal with me and my father (albeit inserting landmark isms any opportunity )but would completely shut down on his own with me, uncomfortable silences doesn’t cover it. I’m pretty sure contact with landmark staff was a constant as well at this point.
His moods became more frequent and intense, on one of these occasions I attempted to challenge him about how abusive he was being, in an instant he went into a rage and violently assaulted me. This was a very serious physical assault that could easily have been fatal had a few elements been just slightly different.
The next day there was no contact but he went along to the seminar that evening. I received a carefully worded text from him the next day, followed by 2 further texts a day 20 and 21 after the assault when he finally accepted full responsibility!! I believe he was being advised on what to say to me and when!
Due to the severity of this incident and the very real potential for another possibly worse, I cannot have any more contact with my brother and therefore sadly my father whom he lives with and is very much under his control. This has utterly devastated our family beyond repair, I may never see my father again. The impact on me has been traumatic in every regard.
In Landmark’s 6-page disclaimer paragraph 4 they strongly advise “those who have emotional problems do not participate “due to possible effects…for example in paragraph 6…”ranging from mild psychotic behaviour to psychosis…in less than 1%(?..reported to them) suicidal or other destructive behaviour “. Participants then have to sign a consent section…”I hereby indemnify landmark….harmless from all loss, cost, obligation or damage arising out of my participation “
What are the realistic chances of someone with a mood disorder/emotional problems/personality disorder etc admitting to it….landmark do nothing to screen their participants. This is totally irresponsible and downright dangerous to such people attending and those around them. Although my brother has had these problems he did have some degree of control up to the point where he attended landmark. They are fully aware of the potential damaging effects their ‘unique techniques ‘ can have thus the 6-page disclaimer, but all they care about is not being sued and selling more courses.
I absolutely hold them responsible for the deterioration of my brother’s moods/behaviour. As to my assault and therefore the destruction and loss of my family and emotional distress that goes with it…….What do you think? Is it cause and effect or just an accident?
I am sure Landmark has a few courses for whichever option you decide is the right one.
Many many thanks to Mike for his support and this site.

It is always good to research things before rushing to a course that could affect you for the rest of your life. These show you how different people react to this organisation. Landmark give you the impression some professional who has done the course will jump ship but suddenly he is on board and is working in the engine room.


You need a long time to listen to this one

The Landmark Forum: 42 Hours, $500, 65 Breakdowns

This a bit slick

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  1. Am so sad to hear of your experience. I also knew someone with a personality disorder (also a covert narcissist who had childhood trauma) and I was in a “relationship” with them for 3 years; the final year of which they concealed their involvement with Tony Quinn’s Educo having been recruited by a work-colleague who also never revealed this to me. This co-worker was running a support network and also coached recruits to cut of contact with partners/family.
    I have come to understand that on identifying their involvement with Educo (although I did not know it’s name or scope until November 2020) and confronting them with this, their narcissism kicked in, the split-thinking cast me as a persecutory-object introject and indeed that’s the legacy. Realistically, having been their partner that is how it will be for perpetuity.
    I am told that for family members this is not the case, only partners (which is why victims of narcissistic-abuse are able to state their conviction of their abuse as it’s a brittle template of behaviours which all narcissists follow).
    Steven Hassan has some great advice on YouTube for family members and friends of those involved in high-demand-groups. Wishing you the best. I know all too well what a destructive mix of NPD-sufferers and Traumatising-Narcissists who wish to monetize them.

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