Arthur Whyte rejects mediation meeting in a monastery to discuss his ‘healing?’

Arthur WhyteArthur as he was  a few years ago.

I phoned Arthur last night but it went to voicemail. I noticed that he was on Whatsapp. I tried again and he answered. He asked who was ringing and I said Mike Garde, the Director of Dialogue Ireland. He was hesitant, but stayed with it. I said I would like to meet him at a monastery. He seemed to want to seek space to get his thoughts together. I said I wanted to address with him issues connected to undue influence. He suddenly asked for time. I felt like he wanted to make a confession.
I said no problem and asked him to phone me back at 12 noon tomorrow.
He was very gentle and not at all defensive or like a cult leader. He seemed ready to engage. I said if we met he would be granted total confidentiality. We would agree on the text of a statement. If he walked away I said I would be free to publish this. He asked me for my phone number which I gave.

Now Arthur looks very worn out and is dealing with the memories of events like being on a bus which was blown up. Is he now a bombed out healer. Having started out as an ethical healer he has learnt from the master Tony Quinn who taught his disciples to UOPM Use Other Peoples Money.  His seminars now seem to be taken out of the Tony Quinn play book.

No call came at noon so I sent him two texts:
Whatsapp text: Just checking whether you are going to keep your word about phoning me at midday. More to follow…

Further to my call, here is my number again in case you wish to keep to your word to call me at midday today. Mike Garde, Director, Dialogue Ireland Trust.😁

As one former member wrote:
I didn’t think he would meet you as that would mean facing things which he doesn’t want to, but was hoping he would have.
My reply:
You summed it up well. What I thought was genuine turned out to be a rabbit caught in the lights
As you can see he has gone missing. He has removed voice mail. Will move to publish.

He phoned me for a second and then he can claim he tried to call back. Sorry Arthur that won’t wash.

Arthur Whyte1.jpeg

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