Will the real Janet Laveau please stand up?

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Janet Laveau originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba has a long involvement with Ireland. I first met her and Graeme Wilson when they tried to subvert the case against Mary Johnson here in Dublin around 2002. I was trying to get them to stop Gerard Ryan from sending defamatory material to schools. They were unable to deliver. I visited Saint Hill, East Grinstead along with a number of participants at a Conference put on by Eileen Barker of the LSE and where Heber Jenszch spoke and gave out a door stopper version of What is Scientology. We were shown people speaking to Teddy Bears and outside the Sea Org building there was a drain which was filled with cigarette stubs. When I asked if they had a major addiction problem I was given my first warning by Janet Laveau. Then refreshments in a little building before a speech in a mock up of LRH’s office. When she remarked that his favourite drink was Coca Cola, I insisted it was whiskey. She took me out to library where I was given a final warning.

She is over in Ireland running the show. She is part of the Sea Org which she describes as being similar to a religious order. It is a cross between a state security branch like say Mossad and military intelligence. Its members make a billion year contract. They have a lot of return visits to make to earth. They by definition are not allowed to have children and if married are in a lot of trouble as they are pretty much on a collision course with the S.O. Janet herself has adult children but likely her marriage has gone south. Here in Ireland she is in charge of the National Affairs HQ on Merrion Square and also part of the the Office of Special affairs, (OSA,) intel branch.

Oct 15 HQ5




Ballivor pics2

Scientologists are all the time telling us that they are a religion but when it comes to Narconon they claim it is secular.

A Richard & Judy item on Scientology Former Scientologist Astra Woodcraft is interviewed, along with a spokeswoman for Scientology, Janet Laveau. Includes details on life inside Scientology, and the policy of compulsory abortions for female members of the “Sea Orgs”. Channel 4, Oct 11 2005 


Note Janet Leveau is addressed as  Reverend  and she tries to explain the abuse by referring to those that oppose them as apostates. In other words turning away from the true religion.

It is quite clear where you have Narconon you have Scientology. They are just different faces of the same coin. Below I outline some ideas behind the massive presence of the SO in Ireland.



Ballivor pics1

The Scientologists thought they could bypass the planning laws as Meath County Council had found that a change of use from a nursing home to a residential drug rehab facility was not a material change of use and was exempted development which did not require planning permission. It seemed to have been able to completely move ahead until  An Bord Pleanála ruled that the Narconon facility is a material change of use, and a development, and does require planning permission.

An Bord Pleanála

Protesters Ballivor

The An Bord Pleanála decision has come on foot of two appeals, one from Ballivor Community Group; the other from Trim Municipal District Council. So whereas it looked like the Scientologists had found a legal avenue to ignore local people they will now have to face those same people to argue for retention. This could take years to acomplish. They might decide to cut their losses and sell it to a body who might use it for purposes that conform to “the zoning objectives for the site, which seek to protect, provide for and/or improve town and village facilities and to provide for necessary community, educational and social facilities.”


Janet Leveau a


The Narconon/Scientology representatives were anxious to show how the former national school in Ballivor will look transformed into the 34-bed drug rehabilitation centre.


Narconon 2


Janet Laveau, National Affairs Office, Church of Scientology, (above right), Linda Alred, Narconon Co-ordinator (top left) and programme graduate and rehabilitation secretary for Ballivor, Brian McWeeney pictured at our offices last Friday (Feb 23rd).

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