Japa might be history but we might be close to a breakthrough…..


We are approaching a year and the Japa story is really not gathering traction. The teachers have like ostriches placed their heads in the sand and instead of standing up and taking responsibility they have brazenly just changed the name from Japa to meditation or mindfulness or whatever.  We were approached about a very significant connection to Japa, but because of the issue of the laws on defamation, we must wait till we have sufficient evidence to publish.

Yesterday we received a donation and this lovely comment enclosed with the donation:

Thank you so much for publishing this site as it has saved my life from Japa cult and without the articles that my family and fiancee saw I would not be living very happily now.


Yes, many of you have toiled to send me your accounts, and like me are hoping for a breakthrough. On our Facebook page, I get notices to boost my posts. FB does not seem to get that our aims are not financial but social to help those affected to find out the truth about Japa

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