Arthur Whyte is on the run? We are getting a lot of traffic. Currently it is in a dark tunnel.

  1. The doctorate might be from one of these doctorate mills in the States. If he would use the title in the States he would be arrested for fraud.

Arthur Whyte

2. When we published our first post a few weeks ago we were only getting vague ideas as to what was going on.

Now we are a good sense of what is going on. A question for Arthur did you pay taxes for those courses you ran in Spain and those weekend courses in the Marine Hotel, Sutton? Also, did you issue receipts for cash you received? Did you, in fact, teach anything different at these various seminars and would I be able to take a case for breach of contract? Did you give value for money or were you like Quinn just repeating endlessly what you said before? The scam was that your disciples allowed themselves to keep coming back for more like drug addicts.

3. Now we are led to believe that Arthur based his model of prices and seminars on Tony Quinn. He was going to be an ethical version though until the cash became too much to resist. Quite a few people were with Quinn and have done those most expensive seminars but when asked what they learned, waffle on about how wonderful it was but can’t articulate what happened. In fact, you must go to find out. Good try, go back to go!!! By the way, remember many of the people who do these courses are extremely intelligent, but all of us are vulnerable adults, but some are more vulnerable than others.

Arthur Whyte

Arthur if I told you that it is being reported that your teaching is not leading to family integration and healing but marriage break up, and the loss of family relationships would you believe me? What kind of healer is, in fact, a destroyer rather than someone who brings harmony? Tell me how are those on your courses dealing with stress? Are many taking up drink and cigarettes the most basic crutches? A woman who contacted me today told me that she actually got worse working with you and it has taken her two years to reclaim her sanity. Is it true that you have suspended your weekend seminars in the Marine Hotel, Sutton? We in Dialogue Ireland are taking legal advice in regard to serving a summons on you at one of your sessions.




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  1. As an ex follower of this man I now see how lucky I was to get away from it, as it changed and became like a cult.
    It was not an easy withdrawal and for myself took some time for the fear to go and to even feel safe to talk about the experience.

    I had experienced an awful lot of fear and to date still have some of that fear left within me.

    He had us so brainwashed not to talk about anything outside the group.

    So deep was the conditioning he imposed on us.

    Looking back Arthur himself was full of fear and was projecting this on to others and has managed to get into their psyche.
    He became quite convincing to the point where I witnessed him on a number of occasions getting quite angry if he felt he was not getting through.

    Many of us in the group were vulnerable or seeking answers, except Arthur does not allow for questions and he fed into this and took full advantage of people’s weaknesses.

    Many are still too got caught up in it and have yet to see the light and truth as I have.


  2. Great response and explanation of what it indeed became crilley , it has actually compelled me to comment and to summarise my own observations and experience.

    Extremely odd his remaining following haven’t posted on this article their silence is deafening!
    My experience will follow this post in due course.

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  3. There is no doubt this fella is a great and gifted healer and has helped many men and women alike.

    I was a follower of this fella for some time up until 2015 when I could no longer deny what I had been witnessing.

    This fella appeared to become so absorbed in his own bullshit, constantly desiring to be more and never appearing fully satisfied with the great gift of healing God honoured him with seemingly wanting to be adored and elevated by of all his following.

    He was highly critical of any type of energy work outside of his own preaching numerous times that other energy workers couldn’t help people like he was able.
    Any member of his following who dared step outside of this to attend other energy workers he claimed would always be back to his events as no other energy worker could surpass his gift.

    It essentially amounted to him ensuring that his clan of loyal followers attended each event held and taking those persons monies time and time again, a harsh reality when you eventually have your “wakeup” to the scam it had become, a tremendous gift of God misdirected and misused.


  4. I am finding that I am spending a lot of my time posting comments which are little more than advertising for the various persons we are posting about. I was asked to do it anonymously. I raised certain questions about what I regarded as an advert for Arthur Whyte rather than a critical reflection on what he does.
    I want share my experience with Dr. Arthur Whyte, basically he has saved my life in a nutshell, I was dying on the inside and on the verge of suicide when I met him and he helped me see what was going on, he helped me to see myself and trust myself and brought out that part of me that I hid for so long …that I had inside all along I just didn’t see it … after a short time, I began to see myself and love myself again and it was like finding a whole new world opening up…
    Physically my body was so tight from stress and anxiety, over a short space of time though all that was freed out until my hands and shoulders were like feathers, so light and carefree… i began to enjoy life again and to value myself, my self-worth suddenly became important to me, had a sense of hope and excitement of the future, before that I was living day to day, spending most of my time not focusing on myself at all…
    Of course, when you are “cleaning out your closet” i.e. clearing off all the unwanted baggage that one is carrying – its not completely smooth sailing- however for me I would rather chose doing this 1 million times over than holding on to it…because if I held onto it, it would have been detrimental – it takes some patience and being kind to yourself to get there, however once you reach it , you see the light and it all makes such perfect sense…I basically grew as a person, became so strong and basically back to my real self…
    There are not too many people in this life that walk this earth living and breathing in truth and Dr. Arthur Whyte is one of them in my opinion, I have the utmost admiration and respect for him, because it takes pure guts and determination alongside such love of people to do what he does… he executes his work in a very loving and kind manner, full of love and white light, coming from the heart, however there is no stone left unturned also and he is extremely thorough and precise with everything he does…
    He is a very special man, unique and what he does is amazing and extraordinary, I feel I am absolutely blessed to have meet him, thanking God with all my heart as I know he has saved my life as I don’t where I would be today if I didn’t, … I feel Arthur deserves everything he gets and much much more with that in his life… and I wish that everyone could feel that same sense of self- freedom I have got from attending his seminars…

    DI: I can but you have not addressed why he needed to start charging large amounts for this? To such an extent his wife left him. He was involved with the charlatan Tony Quinn.
    I am not sure why you can’t register?
    It has nothing to do with your email address.
    If you can’t register then send the replies by email to me. I will respect your anonymity.

    Anon: Thanks so much for the response, I can’t comment on anything further and if you can post what I wrote I would be most grateful, I would prefer to stay anonymous as the story I write is quite personal to me
    Kind regards and Thank you

    DI It is clear that you misunderstood my reply.
    1. Your comment was an uncritical response to our posts. You never stated which post you were replying to?
    In other words, it did not address anything written up till now.

    2. In agreeing to publish your comment I made the point that it is conditional on you agreeing to reply to my questions to you by email. In other words, I am unwilling to provide space for such an uncritical comment. So reply to my response and then I will publish your original comment, my reply, and your response.
    “Thanks so much for the response”
    No problem.

    “I can’t comment on anything further”

    I have already replied and asked you to answer some basic points. Of course, you can reply. “and if you can post what I wrote I would be most grateful”

    That has been agreed

    “I would prefer to stay anonymous as the story I write is quite personal to me.”

    I am at a loss to understand this point. As you will be replying to me by email no one will know who you are and your anonymity is guaranteed.

    I look forward to your reply so I can proceed.

    Hi Mike
    I responded below please post my text under the heading

    Best regards

    I can but you have not addressed why he needed to start charging large amounts for this – “Arthur’s healing sessions are so special that even the rarest diamond in the planet wouldn’t come close to its value”

    Those we have spoken about Arthur say that in the early days they did obtain help from him. However, he began to model himself on Tony Quinn and take large amounts of money for what was, in reality, a prayer meeting..
    .Arthur’s wife found Arthur’s abuse of his gift of healing hard to take. To such an extent his wife left him. He was involved with the charlatan Tony Quinn – “I can’t comment about his personal life as it’s none of my business – all I know is that he has helped me so much and I am eternally grateful to him.”
    reading this reply shows how deeply this person is under undue influence. No one was questioning that you got help, but you fail to see that this is not about his private life, but due to what he does in his public life.


  5. Posted this under previous article in error. It is a reply to the comment on this article;

    Whilst I agree that Arthur whyte has indeed helped many individuals inclusive of myself with his gift and healing techniques, it does not subtract from what I too witnessed over a period of months.
    It was about the same group of individuals always attending and about cash flow.

    A teacher must always let the student go, (not try and retain them) to find their own path in life.

    With reference too “ no one makes you do anything” which I acknowledge as true but there is also manipulation coupled with the vulnerability of many individuals.

    I will assume you never witnessed the “high pressure selling techniques” at these healing weekends to get individuals to attend each healing event held?

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  6. One of our readers was not able to use our commenting section. They asked DI to publish their reply here. We obviously do not endorse they views but are very happy to publish contrary opinions.

    I myself have spent many years studying energy in different ways and why we do what we do.
    My interest started in the classroom, working with children with Autism. Noticing that certain movement, sounds, touch triggered the child into an uncomfortable situation.
    I spent much of my time observing, in order for the child to feel more comfortable within themselves, trial and error of different sounds, movement etc..
    This really sparked my interest, in how and why different energies can be internalised into either a good or bad feeling.
    I met Arthur Whyte six years ago and my pure intention was to acquire a deeper understanding about how energy works.
    I wanted to become the best version of myself ( a constant process!! ) and feel comfortable in my own skin!!
    What I did learn along the way, is that, it is not a journey for the faint hearted and it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to yourself.
    Too often, people expect the energy healer to do the work for them and this is not the case. You have got to be 100% committed to yourself.
    If you are willing to do the hard graft that it takes, and really take yourself seriously then you will get amazing results.
    It’s like anything that you have an interest in and you dedicate your time to, you can only achieve something good. This is no different, you do not achieve anything without working for it, and then you can really appreciate what you have!
    It’s a brave person in my eyes that goes out after completing many years of intense training and delivers knowledge in their own unique way.
    We all have a purpose in this world, and each entered in with their own gifts. I believe we should utilise what we have been given in order to help others. We are never going to be liked by everyone that is not what life is about.
    Arthur Whyte has helped many people along the way more than we know. “Doctors differ and patients die” have you ever heard that expression?? If something is not for you move on.. nobody makes you do anything, that is just an easy thing to say, when things don’t work out.
    We do not critic others, charging huge fees in different businesses. If people put a lot of time and energy into their work and then go and deliver it to a person/group, they have a right to put a figure on their worth.

    Thank you for reading


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