Narconon update Ballivor, Co. Meath. Compelling testimony by an ex staff member who had to flee her kidnap employment

Published on Jul 26, 2018

An ex-Narconon staff member talks about her journey into Scientology via Narconon. She discusses the dangerous “rehab” methods, financial coercion, attitude towards children and family, and ultimately her planned escape from a Narconon facility where she was held against her will.

This intervention is extremely important as it indicates that beyond the usual issues of planning permission we have a very big problem on our hands. We must listen to this testimony and act on it. But before we do so we must address the elephant in the room.

What is it? Is it the ‘Ballivor Says No group.’ I would suggest not? Due to the extreme emotion and the language of traitors, it is now clear the village is totally divided. Let us unpack the few lines below and see if we can find a way forward and lower the emotional temperature.

However, the offer has left members of the Ballivor Says No group – who have been battling to keep Scientology-linked group Narconon out of the village – ‘very saddened’.

In this first sentence, we find the key to the strategic failure of the No campaign. If their aim was to keep Narconon out of the village then their campaign has been an absolute failure. Their strategy was to call it a cult and build up a kind of hatred that would force them out of the village. Also, the logic they applied was simple the GAA works with builders employed by Narconon, therefore GAA is in bed with Scientology. If their strategy was that there should be a total boycott of anything to do with Narconon not only would the GAA be compromised but every cafe, restaurant, petrol station and supermarket who served them would be compromised. If there were children which is unlikely would they refuse them access to the National School? No trying to do civil disobedience and stop the builders moving in would have simply led to an injunction. No, the strategy was already compromised when it became clear the purchase of the Nursing Home came with planning permission. However, the mindset that this is a cult, led them to promote the view that Narconon should be closed down period. Naturally, the more extreme the positioning was the media and the political class withdrew to watch and wait.

GAA club's €20k deal to allow drug rehab centre workers park their cars

“The Ballivor Says No group has put blood, sweat and tears into trying to stop the Church of Scientology coming into the village and now the club, which is such a big part of the community, has turned its back on us,” said group member Claire O’Mara

Note the rage and the confession that after all the effort the No group put into this campaign, they now feel like they have been stabbed in the back. In other words, they have failed in their mission and now they make the issue the GAA and accuse them of turning their backs on them. So instead of the battle being with Narconon the No Group take the moral high ground and make the GAA look like the villains. Deflection from the failure to engage with a strategy which works.

It is interesting that the Scientologists employed a PR firm here in Ireland to run their massive operation in Merrion Square, Firhouse, and Ballivor. In other words, they have professionals who are going into government, dealing with the planning process and using their contacts to achieve such goals as obtaining charitable status etc.

Note the Scientologists were discussing this on the Late, Late Show in 1995!

Read more about that here:

“It feels like they are sticking two fingers up to us.

I would read it differently. Narconon will bring a lot of business to the village even if there is only one client in the place. I would see the GAA deal as bringing a social dividend to the whole community. As anyone knows children are in schools and need resources now not in 10 years time. The GAA is now more than the church the cement that holds the village together.

“I’m very saddened, very disheartened and am sick to the stomach over the this. The GAA has enough money..

Claire O’Mara knows something I do not. Do the GAA as a voluntary organisation have enough money? I believe this was a unique opportunity to gain something for the whole community.

“The club are saying that it’s the builder who is making the deal but sure he’s only the middle man – he’s getting the money from the Church of Scientology.

Yes, it is clear the builder is being paid to build the centre by Narconon, but he is paying the GAA to use their facilities as part of his expenses. If you use that argument to denounce the GAA you will have to do the same as I wrote above and boycott them from any service in the village.

“This is how this church works – this is their way into the community to target our young people.

Here the logic breaks down. Car parking involves adults, where is the risk to children? I want to thank the woman for coming to share her story and as she said the problem is not them influencing children but not allowing people to leave. My guess is you will hardly see them.

Before long, they’ll be having events and trying to get people on side and before you know it they’ll have bought half the village.”

I understand the anger but this is not a rational response to the decision. In Merrion Square, you can’t get in and they refuse in general to give journalists access to them. The same is the case in Firhouse. Because they will want to give the impression they are just a drug rehab centre they will deemphasise the Scientology religion bit and stress they are a secular programme. They clearly have no reason to buy half the village, and if they did they would draw attention to themselves and put Narconon at risk.

The abandoned national school in Ballivor, Co Meath. The Narconon Trust, which is linked to the Church of Scientology, is looking to develop the building into a drug rehabilitation centre. Photograph: Seamus Farrelly

I believe the local councilors and the TDs need to call a public meeting to discuss the best strategy to engage with the Centre.

  1. They have a right under our constitution to purchase this property. So the demands that the government should have closed them down would be illegal and totally counterproductive.
  2. It is clear they also have planning permission so there is no way there can be an objection to their presence. Also, they should be treated with love and respect as people we disagree with and in my opinion are under very heavy ideological influence. My study so far suggests that as they are providing a private service they can’t be stopped from opening the centre. I am open to correction but it might be good for the Health Committee to call them to give evidence. Our public representatives will know the legal aspects of their operation. From the ex-member’s report, it is very important that there be inspections from the relevant bodies. This report from The Journal raises some of these issues.

Narconon bills itself as a drug rehabilitation therapy linked to the Church of Scientology. It was confirmed at the start of this year that the centre was to open in Ballivor. The multi-million euro development will cater for 34 “students” and 18 staff.

According to its official website, Narconon “uses unique rehabilitation technology that gets to the problem at its source and provides a path for long-term success”.

But their methods have proven controversial.

Their drug detoxification programme uses high doses of vitamins along with long periods in dry saunas which it says is an attempt to flush toxins out of your body. The HSE has previously said that “Scientology’s drug treatment programme has no standing amongst medical professionals involved in the treatment of persons with alcohol and drug use disorders”.

A spokesperson at the National Drug Treatment Centre said:

“It comprises a series of interventions (‘Narconon’) with limited or no basis in a scientific understanding of human physiology and brain functioning and may potentially be harmful directly (with overuse of vitamins and other products) and indirectly in that persons are engaging in an intervention with no evidence of potential benefit for them.”

It would seem that an international conference on Scientology could be arranged to discuss this situation with leading experts with expertise on Scientology and Narconon.

This one in Dublin 2012 brought some of the greatest minds who were in Scientology to Dublin.

Have them in your homes and use the school to have expert testimony on the subject of Scientology and Narconon, I would suggest Tony Ortega would be able to organise a great event. Anyone wanting to find out about Scientology should read his daily blog here:

Also a person to invite was at the event in 2012 Jamie DeWolf (Entertainer and great-grandson of L. Ron Hubbard.)

However, the elephant in the room as I wrote earlier is not the Say No campaign but John McGhee who is very much involved with the say No campaign. We will just leave some comments by him to show how he views the Scientologists and how they should be treated. We will have to return to give the background another time.



Jm on Miscavige

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en-gb”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>Good, bullyboy has taken a shine to censoring a decent, strong critic who works her fingers to the bone. He warrants the treatment of that of a bully; to be taken aside and battered</p>&mdash; John McGhee (@John_K_McGhee) <a href=””>13 November 2017</a></blockquote>


Aug 5

Well done to the ladies of for having the backbone to stand up to the spineless and venal local

Aug 4

The crime syndicate with its insidious front-group , is now getting into bed with the


ex- staff-member from the U.S, shows her support for the Irish who are in midst of vermin infestation in Co , by the cult’s criminal front-group,





Here is what some folks in Ballivor thought about John’s role

Complaint by John McGhee



Vermin in Firhouse

We republished the article by Louise Walsh on the controversy concerning the local GAA club in regard to having the builders appointed by Narconon to do some work for them in exchange for the GAA allowing their car park to be used by the builders.

Ex Narconon worker


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  1. Good work by Fiona Oleary John M and William Drummond, tireless and relentless against the evil cult. Show them no mercy.


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