Who is the healer Dr. Arthur Whyte and what is this PhD in Metaphysical Sciences?

Arthur Whyte


Dialogue Ireland has been approached by a number of people concerning this healing business. We would welcome any information from the public and will treat it in the strictest confidence. You can also send us a post to publish which will be done anonymously. We are currently researching and will publish further posts on this subject over the next few days. Our Light Brigade is already present speaking to those who have taken this bus.

Arthur WhyteAurora Healing Centre




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  1. Thanks for that you can find that interview on one of our posts.

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  2. If you Google Arthur Whyte and Heather Wolfe,
    you can hear Arthur talking on a radio show in the USA .
    Sounds like he has changed a lot since then,he sounded more like a healer, than the money hungry cult leader he has become.
    I wonder is he doing many radio shows lately?.
    Radio silence appears to be his preferred choice.

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  3. Sam appears to have a good handle on this man and his followers.
    What will it take for these brainwashed sheep to realize that Arthur is a greedy wolf.
    They follow him blindly and keep handing over money to feed his ego and bank balance.
    Will they ever be “healed”,or just keep returning to find the “promised Land”!!


  4. Sam has now got my reply….

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  5. Dear Sam,

    Thanks for your email this morning. I tried to answer it and got this reply?

    Address not found
    Your message wasn’t delivered to sam.lewsleyxxxxxxxxxx because the address couldn’t be found or is unable to receive email.

    Could you revert with an explanation?


  6. Thanks, Sam I would like to talk to you in confidence and will publish this comment as a post to give it greater oxygen


  7. I do not personally know this man, but I myself am a qualified counsellor and therapist and have treated former clients of his.

    The damage that has been done to these individuals is nothing short of what I can only describe in all my years in this profession as mental, spiritual and financial abuse.

    They are so entrenched in fear thinking that this man can mind read everything they are thinking and speaking and have been left psychologically damaged and very confused.

    From what I have observed, witnessed and been told from these individuals what they were Involved in was like a cult with a constant familiar following which spans out over a period of years and included a small elite inner circle who he kept close to him and used for his own needs and gain.

    There was a seminar after seminar abroad, sessions after sessions and weekends after weekends.

    These individuals lived their lives for this man and would have given up anything including relationships, family and friends to attend weekends and seminars that were held leaving them in financial hardship and for some ruin.

    It has been a lengthy process for these former clients to be able to function properly again and is an ongoing process due to what I can only describe as the mind conditioning and fear they have experienced.

    Healing is one thing when it is pure and comes from the heart but the havoc and devastation that this man is causing through what seems to be greed and ego, in my opinion, is most certainly not from the heart.

    As it happens to go by what I have been told this man has many deep rooted issues and would be in need of help himself.

    Arthur Whyte if you are reading this; although we have never met I would ask that you STOP what you are doing STOP and pause be true to your gift of healing and cease this business/cult before more damage is caused which could lead to detrimental circumstances arising as some individuals may not have the mental capability or strength to seek help.

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  8. It is also comical that this mere man is calling himself a healer with special powers. I have witnessed the devastation that this man is causing to the family and friends of his followers who seemed to be completely detached from reality and growing increasing distant from their love ones.
    Please stay away from this dangerous man, he is anti-family and anti-relationships and is only after one thing, money.

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  9. A very good friend of mine got involved with Arthur Whyte a few years ago and from what he has told me about his sessions I am 100% convinced that he is involved in a cult.
    He has spent a lot of time and and a crazy amount of money attending his “healing weekends,” and when I ask him “what’s it all about?” He just says “it’s amazing” and “you have to be there to understand it.”
    I have tried to convince him that it has all the trappings of a “cult,” but he won’t listen to anything I say and we have grown apart lately. I’m sure that he has been brainwashed by this guy, as nothing I say gets through to him.
    I have talked to some of his family and they agree with me and have also noticed a big change in him,and not for the better.
    How can one man have such an influence over so many people? He makes them give up so much of their time and money with not much to show for it. Is he a true healer or just a con man preying on vulnerable people ?
    I love and miss my friend and hope that someday he will see this man for what he really is . If this post can save one person from getting involved with Arthur Whyte in the future I will be happy. Unfortunately it is too late for my good friend who I still fear for.

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  10. To monikacafferty:
    Your silence and unwillingness to come forward and reply speaks for itself. It would seem your only reason for making any remarks on this article was to detract attention from the subject at hand. Your strategy appears somewhat dubious.
    Therefore one can only logically assume that you are indeed still one of the remaining followers of Arthur Whyte? You are likely one of his “select few” ??
    And I would further assume this is what compelled you to write such remarks?
    Why now the silence from someone who was extremely keen to comment with “the truth?”
    Do you fear telling “the truth” or is it because in fact there is little truth in the remarks you have posted?
    I await your response……. Or lack thereof.

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  11. I went to a meeting once and to say I got a gut feeling to never go there again would be an understatement. It saddens me to have seen his “followers” appearing to be hanging on to his every word. This man can’t prove what he does works and I got the impression most of his “followers” are vulnerable people who Arthur is not actually helping but instead hypnotizing to line his own pockets. For people who are considering seeing this man, I would advise please don’t.

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  12. Linda thanks for trying to get the car out of the ditch. Let us see what Monika is made of?


  13. In reply to monikacafferty6124

    You give the impression that you are an advocate of Arthur Whyte as rather than discuss Arthur and his ethos/abuse of his gift which this discussion/thread refers, you prefer to deflect from this by speaking of his wife when it bears no relevance to what this Article/discussion is actually about?

    Were you too a follower of Arthur Whyte?

    Are you still a follower of Arthur Whyte?
    For it appears by your remarks that you seem to be in the know?

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  14. I wouldn’t use the word abuse as I’m sure Mr Whyte never set out to harm anyone and this is unfair. Furthermore I never said Mrs Whyte was not entitled to promote anything she wishes, just the same as you are entitled to make comments.. touche!.


  15. We have already made the point that Arthur was involved with Quinn. However, you have given no evidence to show the truth is being suppressed. Also if Eileen is not attempting to abuse people she has the right promote any therapy she wishes. We await your clarification.


  16. They were both proteges of Tony Quinn and totally in it for the money. By the way Arthur had to get out while Eileen still saunters about with her aurora healing etc.


  17. What can’t be posted?


  18. A pity the truth cant be posted


  19. Thanks for your comment. What do you make of the idea that his wife has now left him as she felt whatever gift he had was prostituted for cash?


  20. I feel sorry for these people who have been taken in by this man and also by his wife Eileen who was running mindfulness classes in Dublin and Donegal. This is dangerous stuff playing with people’s minds. What a shameful way to make a living on other peoples misfortunes. Obviously they are in it for the money certainly not for any altruistic reason.


  21. I too fear for a family member who is clearly under this guy’s grips. I fear for him financially but more importantly his mental health. He is clearly completely taken in by this man and I believe he is brain washed. Becoming withdrawn from family life and will forfet any thing to go to these sessions. Why has he such a grip on these vulnerable people. Why does it cost so much and why is there a need to continually attend these sessions both in Ireland and abroad. There is no goodness in this man. I hope my family member sees sense soon as he will be left broken both financially and mentally and I truly fear for him.

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  22. As an ex follower of this man I now see how lucky I was to get away from it, as it changed and became like a cult.
    It was not an easy withdrawal and for myself took some time for the fear to go and to even feel safe to talk about the experience.

    I had experienced an awful lot of fear and to date still have some of that fear left within me.

    He had us so brainwashed not to talk about anything outside the group.

    So deep was the conditioning he imposed on us.

    Looking back Arthur himself was full of fear and was projecting this on to others and has managed to get into their psyche.
    He became quite convincing to the point where I witnessed him on a number of occasions getting quite angry if he felt he was not getting through.

    Many of us in the group were vulnerable or seeking answers, except Arthur does not allow for questions and he fed into this and took full advantage of people’s weaknesses.

    Many are still too got caught up in it and have yet to see the light and truth as I have.

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  23. I too was a “follower” of this man until quite recently, when I finally seen it for what it was and had to admit to myself that it had become what I can only describe as “ a cult” with an “elite” number of followers chosen by Arthur.

    Arthur I am grateful that I was not one of those “chosen few” who received an invite to your most recent healing event in cork for ironically through your actions of selection you opened my eyes and others to the actuality of what it had become a “cult” and financial reward for yourself.

    How can any true healer be selective of whom is invited to their healing events or choose who receives healing?

    True healing is supposed to be open and made available to all.

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  24. Yes it is active. In fact, we depend on individuals like you to make people aware of what is going on. I aware of very serious things going on so you revealing more can only be helpful. I provide space I can’t create the story only report it.


  25. Hi, Is this thread still active? I know of someone who is still currently part of what I can only describe as a cult. Before saying anything else I just wish to know if it’s still active?


  26. Yes it would be good to hear from the supporter of Arthur again. It appears she never did the expensive courses in Spain so has no basis to comment on them. We are picking up that Arthur got greedy.


  27. Whilst I agree that Arthur whyte has indeed helped many individuals inclusive of myself with his gift and healing techniques, it does not subtract from what I too witnessed over a period of months.
    It was about the same group of individuals always attending and about cash flow.

    A teacher must always let the student go, (not try and retain them) to find their own path in life.

    With reference too “ no one makes you do anything” which I acknowledge as true but there is also manipulation coupled with the vulnerability of many individuals.

    I will assume you never witnessed the “high pressure selling techniques” at these healing weekends to get individuals to attend each healing event held?

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  28. Very clearly stated Elaine. Though unlikely to bring those under undue influence back to reality.


  29. I first met Arthur Whyte at the RDS holistic fair in Dublin a few years back, followed by attendence at some of his healing weekends in Dublin over a period of months.

    By the time I had attended my second healing weekend something didn’t sit right. It was the very same individuals in attendance, and what was disturbing how they gazed at at him in a trance like state as he spoke totally memorised.

    They had their own little code words which only they and Arthur understood making me feel somewhat uncomfortable and excluded.

    I also witnessed what I can only describe as ”high pressure selling techniques ” for an upcoming seminar abroad and attendence at his following healing weekend.

    It became very apparent this was about cash flow and manipulating individuals to attend each event that was ran or else you’d be “ left behind ” which was absurd.

    I am thankful I was not swallowed up by it all like many others at these healing weekends.

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  30. […] dialogueireland on Who is the healer Dr. Arthur Whyte and what is this PhD in Metaphysical Sciences? […]


  31. This comment left on the Dialogue Ireland Facebook page by Kate Kerr

    Just came across your post via another friend. One of my close friends in Ireland ended up broke and mentally ill after going to this healer and many of his healing events! It took her a long time to recover mentally, I could write an essay on her experiences but ultimately the group she was a part of became a cult and it nearly destroyed her both financially and mentally. My advice to anyone is don’t go near it, it has taken my friend two years to finally gain some normality in her life.


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