Who is the healer Dr. Arthur Whyte and what is this PhD in Metaphysical Sciences?

Arthur Whyte


Dialogue Ireland has been approached by a number of people concerning this healing business. We would welcome any information from the public and will treat it in the strictest confidence. You can also send us a post to publish which will be done anonymously. We are currently researching and will publish further posts on this subject over the next few days. Our Light Brigade is already present speaking to those who have taken this bus.

Arthur WhyteAurora Healing Centre




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  1. Yes it would be good to hear from the supporter of Arthur again. It appears she never did the expensive courses in Spain so has no basis to comment on them. We are picking up that Arthur got greedy.


  2. Whilst I agree that Arthur whyte has indeed helped many individuals inclusive of myself with his gift and healing techniques, it does not subtract from what I too witnessed over a period of months.
    It was about the same group of individuals always attending and about cash flow.

    A teacher must always let the student go, (not try and retain them) to find their own path in life.

    With reference too “ no one makes you do anything” which I acknowledge as true but there is also manipulation coupled with the vulnerability of many individuals.

    I will assume you never witnessed the “high pressure selling techniques” at these healing weekends to get individuals to attend each healing event held?

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  3. Very clearly stated Elaine. Though unlikely to bring those under undue influence back to reality.


  4. I first met Arthur Whyte at the RDS holistic fair in Dublin a few years back, followed by attendence at some of his healing weekends in Dublin over a period of months.

    By the time I had attended my second healing weekend something didn’t sit right. It was the very same individuals in attendance, and what was disturbing how they gazed at at him in a trance like state as he spoke totally memorised.

    They had their own little code words which only they and Arthur understood making me feel somewhat uncomfortable and excluded.

    I also witnessed what I can only describe as ”high pressure selling techniques ” for an upcoming seminar abroad and attendence at his following healing weekend.

    It became very apparent this was about cash flow and manipulating individuals to attend each event that was ran or else you’d be “ left behind ” which was absurd.

    I am thankful I was not swallowed up by it all like many others at these healing weekends.

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  5. […] dialogueireland on Who is the healer Dr. Arthur Whyte and what is this PhD in Metaphysical Sciences? […]


  6. This comment left on the Dialogue Ireland Facebook page by Kate Kerr

    Just came across your post via another friend. One of my close friends in Ireland ended up broke and mentally ill after going to this healer and many of his healing events! It took her a long time to recover mentally, I could write an essay on her experiences but ultimately the group she was a part of became a cult and it nearly destroyed her both financially and mentally. My advice to anyone is don’t go near it, it has taken my friend two years to finally gain some normality in her life.


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