Palmarians: Ex – Pope, Gregorio XVIII aka Ginés Jesús Hernández, caught trespassing with his wife by a priest in a botched robbery at the Basilica. All three injured with a knife.

El cura herido a su llegada a los juzgados de Utrera.

Picture of the Pope


The wounded Palmarian priest declares in the courts of Utrera
The priest, with a visible gash on the temple, eludes the press
The ex-pope’s wife is still waiting to be called to court and receive the judge’s verdict

12 June 2018

The Palmarian priest who was wounded in the assault suffered last Sunday has come this morning to testify before the courts of Utrera , after he received a medical discharge from the Virgen del Rocío Hospital. The priest has left the courtroom accompanied by another priest and has dodged the questions of the media stationed at the door, to which he did not want to answer anything.

The Palmarian religious had a visible gap, with several staples and wounded knuckles. He was dressed in the habit of the sect and has tried to cover his face to avoid being recorded or photographed. After taking a walk around the courts, he has climbed into a van, with visible gestures of pain, and has left.

Nieves Triviñon, the wife of the ex-pope of Palmar Gregorio XVIII,  remains in a holding cell inside of the courts of Utrera. She was moved there from the police HQ around ten thirty in the morning. The woman was arrested by the Civil Guard after being slightly injured on Sunday, when she tried to rob the basilica with her husband, whose real name is Ginés Jesús Hernández, remains hospitalized in police custody.

The couple tried to rob the basilica last Sunday. The ex-pope and his wife jumped over the enclosure wall, hooded and armed with at least one weapon and equipped with stays and tools to open locks. They were surprised by a priest who was performing maintenance tasks. He was allegedly attacked by Ginés. He defended himself and repelled the attack, disarming the ex-pope, who was stabbed in the struggle.

Both the former pontiff and his partner are charged with the crimes of attempted murder and robbery with violence and intimidation. Triviño is waiting for the Utrera judge to sentence her to prison or decree her release, while the ex-pope will not be brought to court until he is discharged from hospital.


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