Scientology “Mission Impossible & Unaccomplished,” closes on Abbey Street after 30 years


The Mission office used to be above the Ritz Cafe now appropriately it is called Cruise holidays! Before closing it was above the House of Colour.

Read more about Scientology in Ireland:

Abbey St 1


Oct 15 HQ5

Dublin Mission closed

Phoenix June 2018


Having been at the opening of the Mission in 1988 and also having been interviewed by Pat Kenny on his RTE radio programme and Sam Smyth of  the Daily Star newspaper outside their building on Abbey St., it is worth considering what this represents for Irish society and for the Scientology Organisation (S.O.)

As a person who has worked on categorisation of religions I would suggest we should not the use the term church or religion to describe them. They gathered a number of world religion professors from around to write them up as a religion. One such shameful example was Prof Bryan Wilson from Oxford who was the first to describe the S.O. as a religion. Clearly demonstrated and brought out with the orifgins of the internet was the fact that Hubbard wanted the religious label as a means to obtain charitable status.

Terms that suggest themselves beside religion would be undue influence, extreme control, Intelligence gathering, CIA or KGB and in relation to their cosmology a kind of Masonic group with Esotericism at the core. A hidden core where the higher levels on their Bridge to total Freedom cost more and more. Not some tithe but crippling fees for ending up in the planet of Xenu. Their higher levels are very much part of this type of worldview. The rituals used are to give a sense of practising religion but everybody knows this is a fraud. There is a very high value placed on making money, making more money and most important getting other people to make money for their Ponzi scheme.

In their early days here they tried to obtain charitable status, and here you see when asked on the Late, Late Show had they obtained it as yet in 1994 they said they hoped to get it soon. The reality is they still have not got it.

Becoming a charity is one of their most important goals. They have tried to influence Irish society, but have failed until now they are applying the idea of concentrating a lot of their resources to infiltrate the country. L. Ron Hubbard himself tried to take over Rhodesia until he found out that Cecil Rhodes was gay. They kicked him out and he started to go back to live on a ship as he was really on the run. Here they have moved to Merrion Square close where LRH lived in 1956, and they have also taken over the failed Victory Church in Firhouse which went under with loans from the Bank of Scotland of €18m. Also they are bringing in a for profit operation called Narconon into Co Meath. My assesment is that in 1956 LRH was trying to set up a Scientology state and my reading is that Ireland was one of his selected places. He also tried Apartheid South Africa. Scientology was banned in the UK so he then went on the Apollo, this a magical mystery with his own marines called the Sea Org. Could this return to Ireland be a last throw of the dice by Miscavige after Tom Cruise was given a special presentation of Irish citizenship in 2013?

It is ironical that the this Evangelical group heavy into making money has handed the building over to experts in making money.

Sci Ire1


Cathy Schenkelberg Narco meath copy


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