Narconon: Kieran O’Byrne (CCIPR) PR for the Scientology Organisation announces New Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Facility for Co Meath. Is it rather an ideological centre for Scientology conversion?

Gradually the import of the opening of Narconon in Ballivor, Co Meath is becoming clearer. What in fact is a giant pyramid scheme on speed which has obtained IRS status is building a portfolio of properties wherever it can. In Ireland some vague concept based around the visit of LR Hubbard has led to a decision to not only throw the kitchen sink at Ireland but to return to the notion tht LR Hubbard had in trying to make Rhodesia a Scientology state.

We have had most of the senior members take over from the Irish leadership who are now invisible. Why is Zabrina Collins and her husband no longer mentioned?

Zabina Collins arriving at court for the hearing. Photo: Maxwells


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What is Narconon?

Scientologists wish to be seen as a religion so they can get a charitable exemption. In other words to make more money. So if Narconon wants to receive state funding for its work it has to distance itself from its religious definition. It calls it a secular programme.
I wonder why? So it talks about being an offshoot. In reality, Narconon is Scientology on speed. It rejects any psychiatric drugs or psychiatry as being a Nazi science.
Dialogue Ireland over ten years became aware of what was intended for this country at the Festival of Mind, Body and Spirit at the RDS in Dublin when Scienology S.O. put on a massive anti pssychiatry display nearly taking up a third of the area.
We were so concerned about this that we contacted the College of Psychiatry and they invited us to give a presentation at the their AGM. The State by giving funding to this enterprise would be allowing a very questionable group recognition. It has no independent support for its rehab work, but the major issue is that it is in fact Scientology under another name.
Note that in fact it will be run by Scientologists and they will not actually have any folks who are not Scientologists working the drug rehab area:
The centre will be worth in the region of €850,000 per year to the local community, with food and supplies to be sourced locally, and up to 6 full time positions will be offered locally for catering, housekeeping and landscape maintenance.
At the same time as I am writing they are trying to obtain religious status here, when they have no such designation in this state.

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Press Release:

Narconon to Open New Drug Rehabilitation Facility in Co Meath
€850,000 Projected Annual Spend and up to 6 Full Time Jobs for Ballivor
A 2017 study by the Health Research Board, reports the death rate from drug use in Ireland is triple that of other European countries—roughly 71 per million people. Studies also show that in Ireland two people die<> every day from street drugs. There are more Irish people dying of drug abuse than traffic accidents. “Replacement drugs<>”, originally intended to deal with the problem, are implicated in many of these deaths.
To contribute to solving this serious problem, Narconon intends to establish a facility in Ballivor in County Meath to serve the entire country. The centre will be worth in the region of €850,000 per year to the local community, with food and supplies to be sourced locally, and up to 6 full time positions will be offered locally for catering, housekeeping and landscape maintenance.

Narconon obtained planning permission from Meath County Council in September 2016, which included a Section 5 Application when permission was granted for a change of use from Nursing Home to Residential Drug Rehabilitation Centre. On that basis the building was purchased. The centre will cater for 34 students and eighteen staff in a 3,100 sq. meter modern facility and is a multi-million euro project.
Narconon is a non-profit, non-religious, drug rehabilitation programme aimed at those looking to get off alcohol and drugs and helping them lead better lives. It is open to anyone without regard to religion or belief. Many Irish people have gone through the programme and lead drug free lives today thanks to the programme.

Narconon’s high level of care for the students on the programme and for the surrounding community, is reflected in every aspect of its operation. A tranquil and secure environment away from the influences and availability of drugs and alcohol is a vital component of the Narconon programme’s success. Because the Narconon programme is entirely drug-free—it utilises and tolerates no drugs— students are assured a high level of safety and security, as are local residents.
Narconon has put tens of thousands of people successfully through the programme worldwide. The effectiveness of the Narconon programme and its positive impact on communities, including significant economic benefit, have earned broad support of civic and business leaders and government and law enforcement officials worldwide.
Narconon, meaning “no drugs”, is a drug-free residential programme that addresses the debilitating effects of drug and alcohol abuse and has helped tens of thousands internationally to start new lives, free from drugs. The programme consists of three phases; drug-free withdrawal, a detoxification component to cleanse the body of drugs and life-skills necessary to maintain a drug-free life and restore relationships with family and friends that often have been shattered by drug abuse.
Narconon centres have been saving lives for more than 50 years. The programme has proven results. There are dozens of Narconon drug rehabilitation centres in 18 countries including the United Kingdom, United States, Mexico, Colombia, Russia, Italy, Egypt, Australia, Taiwan, Nepal and elsewhere.
The Narconon programme was developed by L. Ron Hubbard, Founder of the Scientology religion. Mr Hubbard was a humanitarian whose works include discoveries in the fields of education, morality as well as drug rehabilitation.   Wanting to help those thought lost to drug addiction, Mr Hubbard made his research and discoveries in the field of drug abuse broadly available. The result was the establishment of Narconon, a non-profit, non-religious drug rehabilitation programme. A person does not become a Scientologist by completing the programme. The programme is open to anyone without regard to religion or belief.
The Church of Scientology and individual Scientologists support Narconon as part of their social mission. Many Narconon facilities exist today because of generous contributions of time and money from Scientologists over the past decades. For more information please visit<>.
Further media information – Kieran O’Byrne (CCIPR) for Narconon
Tel 086 2547949

[CCI ]

PR logo Narconon press release
(Part of the MSS Group)

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Suite A, The Mall, Beacon Court, Sandyford, Dublin 18
Kieran O’Byrne
Tel +353 1 287 7558
Mobile +353 86 254 7949<><><>
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