The ongoing troubles for the Cash Church Victory.

Phoenix 5

Niall Hade’s unholy Row

Phoenix Feb. 2018

GOLDHAWKS old pals the Hade family popped up again recently with Brian Hade having been slapped with a judgement by the dreaded tax man.

Meanwhile, His brother Niall Hade and sister in law Joyce Hade had a recent setback in the Four Goldmine; in their long-running battle with the bank.

The Hades are the offspring of entrepreneurial evangelical preacher Brendan Hale and his wife Sheila Hade who had a well-documented bust-up with Bank of Scotland.

A few years ago Fans of Goldhawk will recall that in their capacity as trustees of the Victory Christian Fellowship, the husband and wife duo were slapped with a stomach churning judgement for €18 m by the bank in 2014 on foot of loans on three Dublin properties, including the stately Kilmacud House (See the Phoenix 15/08/14.)

At the end of January the Revenue registered a judgment against businessman and former male model Brian for over €100,000. Hade was here before when he was landed with a tax judgment for just over a quarter of €1 m in November in 2016, while Niall and Joyce were themselves in the High Court in December in relation to their scrap with the Bank of Ireland, (BofI.)

Judge Mary Faherty’s judgement is this case published last week, reveals that BOI is seeking judgement against the pair for close to €4m related to two loans secured against properties in Tallaght.The Hades had been in court to argue in a preliminary trial on the issue of whether or not the terms of the mortgage were unfair and contrary to a Eurpean directive. Unfortunately, for the couple the bank successfully argued the case should be brought for a full trial because so many facts in the proceedings were disputed. The two sides will be back in court in February.

Niall and Brian Hade were named as defendants alongside their parents in 2014 High Court action by Bank of Scotland to restrain them from obstructing receivers appointed to three properties in Dublin.

Interestingly, one of those three properties was Victory Centre, Firhouse, Dublin 14, which was subsequently sold by the bank to Goldman Sachs. Goldman later went onto sell it for a reported €6m to the Church of Scientology, which is overtaking its controversial community centre there.

Victory Church- Phoenix updates us.

The purchase of the Victory facility by Scientology has not led this church to focus on its perverse version of the gospel and it is going to reach the gates of hell in the next few days in the Four Courts.
Now the question we ask is what will happen to the building that used to be where the church met on Westland Row? Will we discover that Scientology has picked up that building for a song?


How did this church think it would be able to sustain this type of church in Dublin. Was it delusional thinking or avarice? The fact that the Scientologists took over the place raises serious questions.



Worship at Victory

Now there is a nonchurch group that are trying to be accepted as a church but they have not been able to show serious charitable intent.




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