Why the Truth, “2X2″‘s, NO NAME ??? can’t deliver on Child Protection

We have for some years been covering the issues related to the 2X2’s whose member Robert Noel Tanner a so called “Worker,” leader, pleaded guilty to a series of sexual assault crimes which took part in the 1970’s.




This should be encouraging but the reason we are publishing this story so long after the event is the following.

“In addition to a year’s jail sentence, Tanner was ordered to sign the Sex Offenders’ Register and was not allowed to be near children or vulnerable adults for a period of a year.”

What is disturbing is that the the Truth, 2X2’s or whatever they call themselves you think would have by now created a Child Protection Policy? We have to assume that Robert Noel Tanner is at liberty and now is able to have access to children again? Also why can’t the ? Church establish a Child Protection policy? Why because in order for an organisation to obtain such status it must have a corporate identity or atleast have some form of unincorporated identity like a Trust for its members to be able to adopt or to obtain Garda clearance for its members working with chidren. We were were approached by Social Services about adoption and again the Group is not able to produce a transparent system. It also is using its leadership system to manage what it can’t. In other words one or two Workers can’t be viewed as as an organisation. We will go into this in much greater detail in due course.
We will be publishing very soon the reason why they can’t and why the efforts of Dialogue Ireland over a full year have resulted in no success in addressing this issue.
Here is the sordid history behind the case which is not quite as resolved as the judge may hope.


2 Responses

  1. Answer to number 1. No.
    We have been involved in a dialogue with the 2X2’s for nearly a year in Ireland. We are about to publish a report on the issue soon as our attempts to agree on the subject have broken down. The2X2’s will see the report first and have the right of reply before publication. We will address your other questions and your ad hominen comments there.


  2. Let me ask you one question, at least for starters. Are you people simply against 2x2ism? Or do you actually have some sort or real concern for victims of sexual abuse?

    Do you have any clue whatsoever of the status of child protection policies of 2×2’s around the world?

    If you choose to respond, please do so by facts, not ad hominem attacks.


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