The Scientology Organisation, (S.O.) is using a PR company called ccipr here in Ireland

Scientology PR CCIPR

The Scientology Organisation generally runs its own semi military intelligence /PR Department called OSA. This is the Office of Special Affairs. It is strange but not surprising as Scientology is run more as an intelligence agency rather than a church.
We have already received news that this PR company is already very active in getting Scientology a better name in this State. Because the Scientologists are obsessed in being described as a church I am sure that will be one of their goals here to be recognised as such.


Their presence in Merrion Square shows that they are pointed towards trying to influence government. Also the drugs issue is extremely important and the news that they have already spoken with a Fine Gael backbencher Colm Brophy.

The news they intend to open a Drug facility in Ballivor, Co. Meath was ordered by David Miscavige in 2015 as this intercepted private message indicates.


Current role in Scientology. As Chairman of the Board of the Religious Technology Center, David Miscavige works primarily from Scientology’s Gold Base near Hemet, California. Scientologists often refer to him as “DM”, or “C.O.B.”, for chairman of the board.

Oct 15 HQ5


This is the letter I wrote to them and as they have not replied I assume they are happy that there are no ethical issues for them in representing

the S.O.?

Good to talk earlier. I am going to give you some background

on Scientology here in Ireland and if you get back to me I will

delay my post on your involvement with them until we have communicated fully.

I will also share with you the judgement by Justice Hogan which outlines our rights in making the the public aware of cults. I am not sure if you have given a lot of thought to the idea of representing Scientology in this country. It may affect your other clients who might find the association not great for their companies.

Here are some highly representative posts FYI.

Good to talk to you. I will await your response before publishing anything

I received no reply so decided to go ahead and publish

It maybe that companies they represent might not like to be in the same stable as Scientology.









This is specially the case if they represent chemical companies which Scientology regard as the industry of death?
“Areas of expertise include PR and broader communications for companies in the financial, corporate, technology, environmental, exploration, chemical, petroleum, manufacturing, food & drink, healthcare, sustainability and consumer fields”
Conor Gallagher wrote this about the organisation in the Irish Times,

An Irish Times investigation has found that over the past two years the Church of Scientology has made a huge effort to insert itself into Irish society. As well as sending thousands of brochures to schools around the country, the church has attempted, sometimes successfully, to convince government-funded charities – including those working with drug addicts, prisoners and sex offenders – to use its material promoting Hubbard’s world view.
On the corporate side the church has hired a big advertising firm to publicise its events, as well as the public-relations company CCIPR. The well-known defamation lawyer Paul Tweed has also been retained to deal with negative Irish coverage of Scientology’s international leader, David Miscavige. Tweed has already helped to prevent publication of one negative story about the organisation that was due to run in a tabloid newspaper.

CCIPR is a broad communications company with a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals. We pride ourselves on adding value to our clients’ business and always looking for a return on investment for them.We constantly strive to help them achieve their business objectives through strategic planning and flawless execution of targeted communications plans. At CCIPR clients receive superb service, sound advice and excellent follow-through on agreed communications programmes while being focused on their business objectives. Our team has worked with some of the most respected companies in the world. Because of our international experience we also have personal contacts across many European and Asian countries and the Americas to help you grow your business internationally.

If you would like further information or would like to speak to us about how we can help you and your business contact Kieran O’Byrne at or call +353 (0)1 2877558.

CCIPR is managed by Kieran O’Byrne, a public relations and broad communications practitioner with 23 years’ experience with some of the top consultancies in Ireland including global communications firms and working within the public sector as an in-house Press Officer. A professional communicator with a knowledge of working with a variety of companies from large US multinationals, to indigenous Irish firms and start-ups.

Areas of expertise include PR and broader communications for companies in the financial, corporate, technology, environmental, exploration, chemical, petroleum, manufacturing, food & drink, healthcare, sustainability and consumer fields. Also, hard-earned experience in crisis and issues management, including product recalls, job losses, court cases, food poisoning, Y2K issues among others.

Specific knowledge and experience of message development and delivery and brand enhancement, via all aspects of communications, from basic presentation skills to digital marketing and online interaction. Training of senior executives for stakeholder engagement, interviews and pitching their businesses to potential customers, shareholders and the Dragons Den. Developing and implementing courses on media interaction, presentation skills, and public speaking and lecturing in PR.

Familiarity of starting, managing and running businesses for more than 12 years as Managing Director of three companies. Understanding of what it takes to run a successful business and the skill set to advise senior executives on their communications needs across all areas of their businesses.

Unique knowledge, experience and understanding of science, energy, the environment, ecology, technology and the ability to translate complicated processes, methods and procedures into English.

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  1. The ‘slick’ PR company will regret getting involved with the Scientologists when they start to loose their other clients, i guess PR companies are not known for strong morals but these people’s morals are certainly in the gutter, they’ll soon be known for their under-handed, sneaky and deceptive approaches, pretending to be something (drugs etc) but actually being about representing a group aimed at recruiting vulnerable people to take everything from them. CCIPR you are being watched!

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