Cathy Schenkelberg speaks out about the Scientology Organisation in Ireland on Liveline. It is not a Christmas present but ‘bait and switch’….infiltration


Listen to the contribution here:

Liveline Callback JD


Cathy Schenkelberg spells out the game plan in Ireland. She should know she was in it.

The biggest thing happening in the Scientology world is right here, right now in Ireland. [no, not Squeeze My Cans haha]
And any journalist who has missed this story is not worthy of the name journalist or the title.

It’s unbelievable what I’m seeing over here, what I’m learning over here in Ireland.

$20,000,000+ in investments in buildings, in hiring public relation firms, security firms, law firm‘s, lobbying probably.

They’ve stripped out staff from many other Continental liaison offices.
I’ve seen first hand for example…
Long term Sea Org
Janet Laveau
Angela Paris
Chloe Bulger
Margaret McNair
To my knowledge this has never been done in the history of Scientology!

Cathy Schenkelberg is also going to go to Ballivor on Sunday to the public meeting which is going to discuss the move by Narconon to purchase an old National School and Nursing Home to open up a what is not a drug rehabilitation centre but rather an ideological centre to create Scientologists hoping to obtain public funding to do their work.


Drug free world

Cathy Schenkelberg Narco meath copy

Cathy Schenkelberg Narco meath copy2


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