Why is Ireland been targeted by the Scientology Organisation (S.O?) Some ideas towards an answer.

Why is Scientology spending such a lot of money in Ireland? We do not yet know but let us begin to think this one through. Are they using Scientology as a laboratory of Influence? We would welcome any evidence that contradicts this thesis or confirms it.

Cathy Schenkelberg is absolutely right about what is happening here in Ireland needs to be studied.

It’s unbelievable what I’m seeing over here, what I’m learning over here.

$20,000,000+ in investments in buildings, in hiring public relation firms, security firms, law firm‘s, lobbying probably.

They’ve stripped out staff from many other Continental liaison offices.
I’ve seen first hand for example…
Long term Sea Org
Janet Laveau*
Angela Paris
Chloe Bulger
Margaret McNair*
To my knowledge this has never been done in the history of Scientology!


bewleyslrh cecil rhodes

We know that in 1956 L.Ron Hubbard came to Ireland and was pictured in Bewleys.

In a book by Russell Miller entitled Bare – Faced Messiah published in 1987 there is a quotation from a very good friend of Hubbard’s Ray Kemp who accompanied him to Dublin at the end of March 1956 and also a photograph of the two of them in what looks like Bewleys Cafe. “He wanted to see if there was something he could do for Ireland.” Kemp continues, He felt that Ireland’s troubles were based on the fact that it was a bit like a Third World nation and had never been able to apply the skills of its people. We were there for *two or three days* and he spent the whole time speaking to people…His idea was to open  a *Personal Efficiency Foundation* in Dublin to teach people how to apply whatever skills they had got, but don’t think anything ever came of it.” My conjecture was he was looking at Ireland as a place he could make his Scientology State. One year when I was visiting a school to give a talk on cults, one of the students told me that his grandmother had a guest house where L R Hubbard stayed.  She told him the Special Branch got him to leave the country. We have reports he was living the life of Reilly so that is quite likely and he left his Scientologists to pay the bill.

Read more about the history of the Scientology Organisation here:


He also went onto try to support the white minority regimes of South Africa and Rhodesia in 1956. He was not successful in South Africa so moved to Rhodesia. He was thrown out. In the picture above he was attracted to Rhodesia because he believed he had been Cecil Rhodes in a former life. It is likely the visit to Ireland, as to South Africa and Rhodesia was about trying to locate a new base for Scientology.


He wanted to clear the planet, but in reality his goal was to take over a country and make it a Scientology State. The nearest he got to this was to buy Saint Hill in East Grinstead in East Sussex in 1959. This was short lived so he had to flee Britain and his country remained in his fevered imagination as he ended up in a boat called the Apollo on the Mediterranean

Ireland tries to promote tourism and after the crash it adopted the strategy of using Tom Cruise in this endeavour as an ambassador. In fact our Foreign Minister at the time brought Tom Cruise into  the Department of Foreign Affairs at Iveagh House and granted him a special certificate of Irish nationality. Interesting enough 20 years earlier just down the road the SO had a bank which was ‘looking’ after a group of Scientologist dentists from the States. While he was here he had a premiere for one of his movies and his security were allowed to take over security on O’Connell St. Pete Griffith tried to protest but had his phone destroyed by a Scientologist and the Gardai seemed powerless.

Soon after that we had the weird situation of Ger and Zabrina Collins the Mission Holders making up a campaign to the effect that they were clearing the planet Ireland of drugs. Most of the radio interviews they took part in never happened.  But at the next International Association of Scientologists meeting they were lauded by David Miscavige and featured in a brief video showing them taking Ireland by storm.

There is a danger in trying to give too great a rationale to an organisation like Scientology with a leader like Miscavige. His great friend Cruise and the Leprechaun effect could be a lot to do with it. In fact Cruise helped bring the Psychiatry, an Industry of Death to the RDS Exhibition in 2007 and apparently paid for it to be sent from LA to London and the Irish Scientologists  brought it to the RDS. There were 16 TV monitors and I heard this from Kieron Swords at that time the head of the CCHR


They tried to disrupt my lecture at the RDS but we were able to keep the show on the road.


On the other hand we should listen to Cathy Schenkelberg as she mentions above something very big is happening in Ireland. We can only assume Ireland has been chosen to show a kind fire power and shock and awe never seen in this country. Here we have had a failed Mission with nothing to show.

The only time they were given some air time they were totally destroyed on the Late Late Show. This was in 1995.


This article by resident Belgian journalist  is closer to getting what is going on. It was written last year when the National HQ was opened.


I quote in full points made over the years by John A Duignan who used to have OSA oversight in Ireland. He would know a lot about the Ryan family who have been foundation members in Ireland.

Duignan likens the new national affairs office on Merrion Square to “a Russian embassy in London or Washington during the cold war. Ostensibly it’s a social co-ordination office. That’s what they want to appear as.” But the Office of Special Affairs, according to Duignan, is “no stranger to underhand techniques, spy networking, setting honey traps – that kind of stuff, subverting enemies or government officials to achieve political goals”.

The Office of Special Affairs is the successor to the Guardian’s Office, which was disbanded in 1983 after 11 of its members, including Hubbard’s third wife, were jailed for one of the biggest government- infiltration conspiracies in US history.

There are historical links between Scientology and Merrion Square. In 1956 Hubbard briefly installed what he called the Hasuk Atomic Energy Healing Division Emergency Station at number 69, to provide a base for his followers should the UK come under nuclear attack.

The organisation’s return to the square six decades later has a different motive, according to Duignan. “This office will be building up the efforts to bolster Scientology’s position within Ireland. On the surface they will be cleaning up a park or a beach, some kind of PR activity, while making sure to get their picture taken with the mayor or councillor, photos that can be used for internal and external public relations.”

In Duignan’s experience the office’s core activities tend to be less conspicuous. The procedure, he says, “is to hire private investigators and find out all about the political and social interests of a specific person, as well as their dirty little secrets, in order to compile a dossier on them. Their strategy from there is to reel that person in, little by little, by contributing a certain amount of money to his or her next campaign or by obliging to do favours for them.

“Eventually they will come up with a proposal in return,. say to push to get Scientology recognised as a church in Ireland,” Duignan alleges.

It remains to be seen how the Dublin office will work, but Atack agrees with Duignan about how the organisation typically operates. “They tend to sneak in. You first of all profile a politician, find out where they go and what their habits are. You put somebody next to someone in a position of power and sweet-talk them, all according to Hubbard policy.”

Janet Laveau* originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba has a long involvement with Ireland. I first met her and Graeme Wilson when they tried to subvert the case against Mary Johnson here in Dublin around 2002. I was trying to get them to stop Gerard Ryan from sending defamatory material to schools. They were unable to deliver. I visited Saint Hill, East Grinstead along with a number of participants at a Conference put on by Eileen Barker of the LSE and where Heber Jenszch spoke and gave out a door stopper version of What is Scientology. We were shown people speaking to Teddy Bears and outside the Sea Org building there was a drain which was filled with cigarette stubs. When I asked if they had a major addiction problem I was given my first warning by Janet Laveau. Then refreshments in a little building before a speech in a mock up of LRH’s office. When she remarked that his favourite drink was Coca Cola, I insisted it was whiskey. She took me out to library where I was given a final warning. There was a Nancy O’Meara there from LA who promised me a meeting on my way to Australia…….??????

Margaret McNair* was present on the Late Late Show of 1995 which is regarded as one of the best programmes made in Ireland about Scientology. In 2012 at a Offlines Conference in Dublin a day before the Conference Margaret McNair and Zabrina Collins came to warn the management of the venue that the participants were dangerous and they should cancel the event. The manager had been briefed by Matt McKenna that they would try this. He told them to go to the police, but in the meantime to F_ _ _ _ off. We have a lovely CTV shot of this.


Cathy Schenkelbergwas just in town when the latest of the Scientology building stories came to pass. Narconon coming to Ireland. Next thing Tom Cruise will buy an ancient castle and start looking for his relatives.

Drugs is going to be a big issue. We had a group called Victory Outreach who were scamming drug addicts and because there is such a need for drug treatment I can see this Narconon free lunch being a big draw.



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