What is Scientology up to at the Ideal Org in Firhouse, Co. Dublin?

What we know so far about Scientology’s operation here in Ireland. The Mission on Abbey St has been closed and Ger Collins has moved to the Ideal Org in Firhouse known as the Victory Centre. His wife who was in a defamation and assault case in the courts under the name Zabrina Collins, has reverted to her maiden name of Shortt so no one connects her to the case. She is the daughter of the framed nightclub owner Frank Shortt from Donegal who was imprisoned. He was set up by the Garda and was totally innocent. This was the failed Prosperity Gospel Victory Church which was a total fraud and conned thousands of its members before the place was taken from them. It was sold by the receiver.  We are talking about €18m spondudles. The irony is this dead again rather than born again baby was picked up by the Scientologists for a song and added to their property portfolio and though here for 50 years they have no charitable status in Ireland. However, a donation in the States will bear fruit through the IRS. The reason this building was empty was this type of mega church building is not economically viable here. Their delusional prosperity doctrine made monkeys of them and they gifted the Scientologists not only a building but an evangelisation strategy. They are open from 9 AM to 10 PM. They have a Soccer pitch available for use and an auditorium. You will see the type of programmes available from the pictures. The National HQ on Merrion Square is where the infiltration of Irish society is planned. CCHR, The citizens campaign for human rights which is a front to attack psychiatry, the campaign against drugs which uses very well written material on the subject. Unfortunately it is just a way to be injected with the Scientology serum. Then we have the Applied Scholastics programme ostensibly to help kids with educational deficits. The word to keep in mind here is Ritalin. Usually when you phone a number you get dropped after a few seconds. Both people I talked to were pleasant and informative. Be sure if you are a Church leader expect a letter soon inviting you to be helped by them…

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