Daily Mail reports on a lot of books on the books at the House of Prayer.

Daily Mail on HP


I wrote this last summer about this book.


Christina or an unholy ghost wrote this book. It is entitled, “The Cross Uncovered.” It is 372 pages long with a lot of recycled non miracles. The thought that struck me was that what the book should be called is “The Stigmata Uncovered.” The case of the knitting needles in the bedroom. The Chalkey love story and why we do not believe scams. The longer the book the less it relates to reality. The Foreword by Gerrard McGinnity is a disgrace. It shows a person who has lost the plot and his great intelligence. I had the opportunity to read his Doctoral thesis on Ambrose of Milan in the Trinity Library. It showed great intelligence. No he has been totally taken over by Christina. The bishops helped him follow the example of the Cardinal who got retirement parties. Get him off the stage and deny you have any responsibility. Poor Christina has another house this time in City West. She likes the cross and is crucified between the Kinahans. Meanwhile her house in Malahide remains unsold. Take up and read…then repent.

This article gives the impression the Catholic Church has nothing to do with the House of Prayer. Their absolute failure to protect their elderly members is in reality leading to elder abuse.Daily Mail on HP10001

Daily Mail on HP10002

The Cross uncovered



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  1. This shows Christina’s level of GREED quite clearly, she could have sold the books herself in her own shop at the HoP but she used her influence on the committee to make them agree to buy the books so she could make an instant profit, whats the next house Christina wants to buy? I am very concerned about the houses in Mexico, all those vulnerable people after the recent horrific earthquake, I would bet Christina would be trying to prey on their vulnerability when they are at their most weakest, that’s how she operates along with her side-kick Fr catholic-church priest. I think the people of Ireland are wise to her, her only hope is to get her instant profit from her recycled un-miracles and scope out other vulnerable groups of people. Eamon Martin and all the cronies in Armagh/Tuam have a lot to answer for in supporting these crooks

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