Scientology, “Clearing the Planet,” from the Victory Centre, Firhouse, Dublin

Victory Centre

Victory Centre1

Victory Centre2

Clearing the Planet by Mark Tighe, Sunday Times, September 10.
Clearing the Planet is the sinister plan to take over the world by Scientology. Here in Ireland it is a Fr Ted moment.

People are trying to place a rational spin on an organisation without a rational plan as seen from the opening of the Merrion Square HQ which most people have forgotten about.


PDF of the Sunday Times article.

Victory Centre ST PDF

What is Scientology up to in Ireland? It looks like a bit of make belief brought on by Tom Cruise as number 2 in Scientology getting the headman David Miscavige to believe in Leprechauns. It is part of the tax relief package where Scientologists get tax relief for investing in these ponzi schemes from the IRS. They buy up properties to gain publicity though they have no function and are not open to public visit or scrutiny.
There is no activity going on and they don’t talk to anyone and they only support their own activities. They try to bring public representatives to Clearwater, Florida under the guise they are fighting anti drug campaigns. They also try getting Irish mayors or other public figures involved under false pretenses. Irish people seem unable to understand that this is not about celebrities but undue influences of frightening proportions. Ironically Victory Church will forever be reminded of its prosperity gospel failure by the fact the Scientologists are keeping their title “Victory Centre.”




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