“Enthralled,” a book by Christine A Chandler on “The Guru Cult of Tibetan Buddhism”

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The Guru Cult of Tibetan Buddhism

Authored by Christine A. Chandler, M.A., C.A.G.S.
Edition: 1

Here we in Dialogue Ireland have for many years now been aware of the inside track of Lamaism through the writings of Christine A. Chandler. We were made aware of how extremely dangerous this Lamaism project is for the rational western mind. Chris has here put together the total package, not one Lama who like Sogyal is abusing women but rather we have been shown how this about a whole system. This is a systematic unpacking of the future plans of the Lama Religion with it is consort sex and unreformed Hinduism of a Tantric nature.

We highly recommend this book and can tell you if you are in the web of Lamaism this will kill the spider or if you are just doing some mindfullness this will help to get an insight into that world.

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When author, Christine Chandler, signed up for a simple meditation retreat, she had no idea she would be severing emotional ties with her ordinary life, in order to obey the intense practices of Tibetan Lamas; becoming one of their many western devotees and ‘change agents’ to help the lamas overwhelm western values and ethics in order to replace them with a Buddhist-disguised Tantric spirituality.

After nearly thirty years as a Tibetan ‘Buddhist,’ Chandler finally realized that she had been part of a thousand-year old, guru-worshiping cult, that uses mindfulness and other contemplative practices, along with ancient and sophisticated cult techniques, to recruit, commit and entrap westerners into the Tibetan Lama’s medieval, misogynistic world. A world where the Tibetan lamas secretly keep harems of young women, cuckold the men, and financially, physically and spiritually exploit all their students.

Chandler had a front row seat to the Tibetan Lama hierarchy, and how it operates, having taken care of the son of Chogyam Trungpa, the notorious ‘crazy wisdom guru.’ This gave Chandler exposure to not only Trungpa’s Vajradhatu/Shambhala inner workings, but also to the dozens of celebrity Tibetan lamas, who have been infiltrating our western institutions with their occult Tantra and with their western devotees, for the last forty years.

Deep inside this Tantric net, Chandler found that all Tibetan Lamas teach from the same guru-worshiping, thought-control plan; whether they call it Shambhala, Mahamudra, Dzogchen or Mahayana Buddhism. It is all Tantra: a cult of mass manipulation and coercive persuasion, designed to undermine the reasoning abilities of educated populations; changing their values and behavior; turning them into obedient devotees; no longer able to think and act for themselves.

Chandler takes the reader through her own experiences, from her first mindfulness meditation weekend, at a Boston Shambhala meditation center, through her next decades, studying with the celebrity Tibetan Lamas and their western inner circles, drawn deeper and deeper into their Tantric net, until she finally breaks free; realizing that being well-educated was no protection but, in fact, makes westerners more susceptible to the lamas’ double-binding techniques; believing they are studying the most esoteric of Buddhist philosophies, while becoming cult members of an atavistic, apocalyptic, superstitious cult; dangerous to our twenty-first century thinking and to the advancement of women’s rights around the world.

Enthralled: The Guru Cult of Tibetan Buddhism exposes the many levels of deception, used by Tibetan Lamas and their western inner circles, to present themselves as beneficial and wise. They collect billions of tax-exempt dollars in donations, recruit wealthy sponsors to their causes,and ensnare new student-recruits into a web of free labor, eventual unquestioning devotion and for many, sexual exploitation by these Tibetan guru-priests.

Chandler deconstructs Tibetan Tantric Lamaism according to the criteria of anti-cult experts, Lifton and Margaret Singer, as an authoritarian, totalistic cult, that radically alters a person’s perceptions, in order to create a ‘change agent’ to further the lamas’ globalist ambitions.

Chandler’s experience finally led her to Crestone, Colorado, a town where the Tibetan Lamas are part of a ‘Spiritual Alliance’ of new-age, world citizens, who are mindfully meditating, chanting, visualizing, humming, and drumming their way backwards, to the end of sovereignty and independence of nations, as this ‘eastern spiritual arm’ experiment, of a global citizen’s movement replaces freedom.

A bold, brave exposition about one of the most misunderstood and misleading ‘new religious movements’ in spirituality today, Enthralled:The Guru Cult of Tibetan Buddhism should not be missed by anyone who cares about truth.


Publication Date:

    Jul 26 2017


    1511543469 / 9781511543460



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    US Trade Paper

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    6″ x 9″




    Black and White

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    Biography & Autobiography / Personal Memoirs


About the author:

Christine A. Chandler, M.A., C.A.G.S. trained as a social worker and psychologist, who specialized in the areas of sexual abuse and dysfunctional systems. She earned postgraduate degrees in psychology, counseling and family systems therapy, as well as in school psychology. She has worked as a LICSW social worker, family therapist, and licensed school psychologist in the public school systems of Massachusetts, Vermont, and Colorado and as a licensed protective social worker in Massachusetts.

Chandler spent nearly thirty years studying and practicing the most esoteric teachings of the Tibetan Lamas, before realizing she was involved in an authoritarian cult that had purposely targeted the ‘educated’ class, in order to infiltrate into academia, psychology, and other ‘soft sciences,’ to weaken our institutions from within.

She also spent many years taking care of the son of a high-ranking Tibetan Lama, Chogyam Trungpa, giving her a bird’s eye view of the more hidden aspects of Tibetan Buddhism that most people, especially the fringe fans of the Dalai Lama, never see.

In general we have three categories which expand on the Lamaism and Consort sex narrative.

This expert analysis was given by our Buddhist expert.


12 Responses

  1. This is an excellent summary of the book and the forces that are pretending to change whereas they are returning people to slavery


  2. Thanks Edmund. I think just being able to communicate with each other, and support each other for speaking out, (a support group for ex-tibetan western Buddhists, for example, like Scientologists have, with a website would be great. It is unbelievably lonely when you first come out. All your social connections are back in the cult. You have been out of normal life and connections for years, sometimes decades. You are literally in a no-man’s land, at first, and just want to recreate your normal life, and that takes all your energy. Then, when you are getting it back together and start to speak out on blogs, like this one, which is what I first did. And braving the attacks of the trolls and inner circle of enablers, you realize that while we were under their spell, being told not to be political ( at least that is what Trungpa and all the other lamas told us) while they and their inner circle were infiltrating all of our western institutions and DL was, of course, heavily engaged in geopolitical warfare on the sly, fooling all the intellectuals in America, Canada, and Europe, with his Chauncey Gardiner slack-jawed innocence, then you realize that the lamas had recreated on the North American soil, exactly what they created in Tibet in the 9th century to take over Tibet. So Ex-Scientologists are luckier. They had the larger society on their side in seeing their group as a cult, while the Tibetan lamas and their devotees, have had forty years to cast a spell and throw a net of delusion over all of the North American Continent and Western Europe, while we had become their change agents, unwittingly helping them to do it. No one can realize how dangerous this Tibetan Lamaist cult is, or how widespread it is because they are the cult that has infiltrated into academia, psychology, even psychiatry, journalism, the religious ministries, and the arts, and now the military with their form of meditation called mindfulness, which is what made us all mindless over time, embracing a medieval, misogynistic, cult that abuses everyone it touches, as it has for over a thousand years. Teaching us ‘not to judge’ things we should judge as wrong, illegal, unethical and abusive by our own western standards. Now we can see its results, all over our society. So I feel, as a survivor, with my reasoning powers still intact, unlike the early 60’s and 70’s cult members of Trungpa, who were enthralled when they were in their teens and early 20’s , and now their whole lives and careers in mindless-ness are entangled in this Hindu Tantra pretending to be the highest Buddhism, or the dharma brats of Shambhala, in particular, who were brain-washed in this cult since babies, that we have to speak out where ever we can, to warn people, like you speaking out on this blog. No one else knows what goes on in this abusive cult that pretends to be cutting edge of ‘compassion’ and wisdom’. We can speak out because we escaped with our reasoning abilities and good sense still intact. The time is ripe to do so, because, of the rampant abuse in Hollywood being exposed, abuse that was encouraged by these Hollywood stars embracing Tantra and the Dalai lama and yes, Sogyal, who starred in “Little Buddha”. Hollywood just loved the Tibetan lamas and now their are a screaming bunch of lunatics in their own cult. That is what Tantra does. Makes everything crazy, until they can sweep everyone and everything under its net.

    There are postive signs, however. People are pushing back, even Rigpa student spoke out ( although the inner circle of damage control of the Dalai lama and Company are confusing them again) But, in just five years, the comments on articles about the Dalai lama or about Sogyal’s abuses are sounding like more ordinary people are starting to realize that this is cult, and that they are the ones that have to be reached. We cannot change a cult from the inside, as all cult experts know. It will have to be a tsunami swelling that demands action, with the help of even a few ex-members of Tibetan Lamaism, that start to grow in number and are not so afraid. They made us afraid. That is what I can’t really forgive them for, not yet: the fear they used to take away our power and intelligence. I’ll forgive them when they are disempowered back to 1969 and are no longer dangerous. Dry up their tax-free status, these liars, that have been colluding with the Chinese CPC while collecting billions in Free Tibet tax free money for what? To build out their infrastructures to destroy our democracies over time. With the Communist Chinese now gleefully on board. These lamas are trying to fool a third generation with their faux-Environmentalism. I am not sure it’s going to work, so they have their mindfulness movement to make more people, like we were obedient, passive, stupid and ignorant (Totalitarianism regimes just love the lamas and always have) happening around them. Do you know that the Kagyu lamas are resurrecting the debacle of Trungpa’s Regent in Maine, starting a new lineage of this killer guru? Hoping to trap confused young people, confused about gender in particular, where the Regent having young men have sex while he had AIDS prove their devotion to him and this Kagyu lineage are being taught this is ‘crazy wisdom’ and nothing to judge? That is what is happening all over our country. While Sogyal is off on retreat, his Tenzin Gyatso Institute here in New York is busy training more Kagyu lamas to go out and sweep up more innocent young people who believe this is about ‘compassion and saving the environment. Now Sogyal has turned his Temple in Ireland into a spa and retreat for mindfulness meditation. Exactly what Trungpa’s group did with Vajradhatu and the Rocky Mountain Dharma Center, after the Regent’s situation was exposed; turned it into a spa for yoga students to learn mindfulness meditation. That is what they will do in Ireland, to scoop more young people in. -Chris Chandler

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  3. What I find most alarming is the extent to which these people are deluded in interpreting “compassion” or “enlightened society”. They happily had me move 11 tons of gear right across Canada to set up a joint venture with them in Nova Scotia and then paid me $9k compensation three months after I arrived when we all saw that the venture was both fiscally irresponsible and plainly illegal. Then while I attempted to nurse my investment and weather 2 months of sustained (criminal) harrassment with literally no support from my supervisors, they failed to investigate 2 cases of sabotage to my vehicle. The parting advice I got was to study the teachings and get counselling. Quite how I am supposed to find counselling on the implications to my vajrayana samaya when my teacher ignores my attempted murder as I pursued that samaya is beyond me. I can call him out as a charlatan, but it is a rare person who wants to get involved in judging a situation in which the organisation upholds lies made to the Police to preserve the illusion of creating enlightened society. I’m happy to speak to the case if asked, but endlessly publishing victim statements when I have a living to earn, a daughter to raise and a life to enjoy holds little prospect of contributing to the world. So if you feel that I may contribute something to your efforts, don’t hesitate to contact me. Best wishes, Edmund

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  4. I understand Edmund. It takes years to heal and go forward. I wish you all the best in your freedom. It even takes time, after coming out of such an insular tight knit group like Shambhala/Vajradhatu, to learn to negotiate the secular world again. It doesn’t help that the rest of the western world is only beginning to wake up to the possibility that these Lamaist groups are cults. Scientology is at least seen as a thought controlled group by the rest of the world even called out by the media. Not so Tibetan Lamaism. So one is almost totally alone, without much support. I have a sense, however, that there are many others who have left quietly that will start to have their voices heard.

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  5. Christine – I look forward to picking up your book. However, I have no intention of writing my own, partly out of fear of retribution which may again threaten my life. As time goes by I see Shambhala as a small group of deluded individuals whose path it is not mine to influence. Three years after the events I am still picking up the pieces of the career which they shattered and separating myself from my wife’s socalled friend who is intimately involved with both the organisation’s administration and our own life.

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  6. P.S. My posts come in as goldsun from my WordPress account–Chris Chandler


  7. The 17th Karmapa just couldn’t refrain from revealing his ‘real training” in occult magic and superstition, while ‘writing’ books on Ecology for the West, and calls out the MP at a Tibetan Central Administration meeting, for going against the use of ‘oracles’ for the Dalai Lama’s and all their decisions. Someone who actually is starting to believe the Tibetan people have a chance at democracy, which these Tibetan lamas are all here to destroy.

    Here is the Chinese Communist-appointed Karmapa calling out the MP for daring to criticize Tibetan Lamaism’s 13th century views and using oracles for all their major decisions


    Dear Edmund Butler, I had hoped someone from my old Shambhala cult would read my book, it was dedicated to all of us, too, unwitting victims of these Lamas and their abuses. When you leave the cults of these Tibetan lamas, you have no ‘friends’ left, even those good people whose minds are still inside the cult; still mentally and profoundly controlled. But, I think of them everyday, with affection and sadness, as though they were on a strange planet, unreachable, for the most part, programmed as they are, as I was, to see anyone who criticized their ‘perfect teachers’ and their ‘perfect teachings’ as heretics and apostates.

    You might want to write your own book about your experiences of almost being murdered, and tell the world the truth; a world that has been so fooled by these Tibetan lamas with their civilization jihad to recreate what they lost in Tibet: their absolutist despotic rule.

    “It’s up to you ladies and gentlemen.”


  8. Having been involved with Shambhala from 2007-2014, lattery as a senior administrator at its retreat centre in Nova Scotia I concurr with Christine’s analysis of Lamaism as a cult. It was well recognised within the organisation that I had become the victim of attempted murder, yet none of the other administrators reported that crime (and the many other associated ones) to the Police. I was left to flee the country and pick up the pieces of my life alone. Absent was all of the care to which they profess, trumped by self-interest in promoting the organisation’s squeaky clean surface image.

    At the end of the day, we can only be responsible for our own actions, and warn others of the harm we have suffered on account of our choices lest they also be subject to harm. I exposed the corruption to some extent and the centre has been effectively closed down now, no longer a crucible for the unbridled mental abuse I experienced along with a handful of others for whose wellbeing I was held impossibly responsible with no practical support.

    The emphasis on absolutist buddhist based philosophy naievely overlooked the inability of practitioners and staff at the centre to live up to those highest of ethical ideals. An illusion of “enlightened society” was created, peopled by troubled individuals who had no practical advancement in the grandiose morality which the institution convinced them had been attained, and should be taught to the world’s ‘non-shambhalians’.

    When the President of the organisation declared that I was the victim of attempted murder, everyone inside it went completely silent, including the leader, my chosen “guru”, the Sakyong, Chogyam Trungpa’s son. Self interest trumped ethics. What other conclusion can there be but: False Guru?

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  9. That is the point of the book, Lamaism has penetrated into these services and death and dying. The book shows how it happened. Tibetan Buddhism has completely undermined western thinking. They operate no differently than Scientology. No doubt you saw the recent reports about Sogyal?


  10. Mental Health Warning
    Mindfulness as practised and recommended by Mental Health services does not mean Lamaism but warning none the less about those like in Scientology who abuse certain legitimate therapies for cult like entanglement that is the point of this expose book.


  11. Brilliant, very inspiring post!!

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