Mediation was not entered into but there has been a resolution of the Carrig Eden issue

Dialogue Ireland attempted to resolve this conflict over Carrig Eden a few weeks ago by mediation. We are happy to see that the Minister Simon Harris has managed to bring this to a conclusion and that both bodies seem to be happy with the outcome.

Carrig Eden 4


Carrig Eden 1

Simon Harris TD

Very pleased to have received confirmation that the Department of Housing and Wicklow County Council’s offer to buy Carraig Eden has been accepted. Tiglin residents living in the house will no longer face eviction and the service can continue to grow and develop. Well done to everyone who has worked so hard on this.

Simon Harris


The IAOG, owners of Carraig Eden in Greystones, Co Wicklow have been in ongoing communication with Wicklow County Council, Minister Simon Harris and Stephen Donnelly TD regarding the sale of Carraig Eden, in order to assist the work of Tiglin. The board of IAOG and many of those involved in Christian Churches Ireland have consistently supported the work of Tiglin by providing volunteer support, significant financial donations and other resources, and one of IAOG’s directors is a founding director of Tiglin.

Our discussions and negotiations with Wicklow County Council, Minister Simon Harris’s office and Stephen Donnelly TD have been cordial and respectful and much appreciated by all involved. The positive impact on the community of both IAOG and Tiglin, though different, has been acknowledged by all concerned in these discussions.

To date, IAOG have purposely not entered the public media or social media arenas regarding the sale of Carraig Eden out of respect for all concerned, not least those who are most vulnerable in this situation.

It has always been the desire of IAOG to sell Carraig Eden to an organisation with an ethos similar to our own, while at the same time achieving a fair price to resource our own work, which serves thousands of people across Ireland, many of whom have been affected by addiction as well as other life challenges. This work is being carried on, in many cases, in buildings that are far too small to meet the needs of the expanding services that are being provided to these communities. To sell Carraig Eden below its market value would be a case of robbing Peter to pay Paul.

We are delighted to report that IAOG have agreed the sale of Carraig Eden to Wicklow County Council at the lower end of its market value, in order to support the deserving work of  Wicklow County Council and Tiglin at Carraig Eden.

Thank You to all those who prayed for and supported us as we were engaged in private negotiations. It means a lot to us.

The Board of Irish Assemblies of God Ltd




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  1. Great News! Hopefully WCC will invest in the premises and make a long term commitment to the location


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