Rigpa- Sogyal. Do not confuse a beauty spot with a very dodgy Lama. Retreat from the retreat.


Summer Retreat with Sogyal Rinpoche

Dialogue Ireland has been aware since 1997 of the issues and controversies surrounding this Lama. The Director of Dialogue Ireland was present at a seminar at the LSE where a former assistant to Sogyal spoke of the abuse she suffered.


You can make up your own mind by checking our archive on this and also our current blog which has extensive coverage. Just so you do not think this is some wild allegation have a look at this documentary which was on Dutch TV and is watched by over 2 million people. Obviously, the programme is in Dutch but you will find the English text of the programme in the link below this.






In 2009 we produced an extensive briefing document which we also forwarded to President McAleese. Unfortunately, she allowed a number of photos of her to be put on the Rigpa web site and refused to address the issues involved. I note that the current web site no longer hold these and can only hope that the former President has finally broken off contact with this Lama. We also note that for over twenty years there has been no investigative piece done by Irish media. If this was a Christian institution we would have teams crawling all over the the place.https://dialogueireland.wordpress.com/2009/04/07/briefing-document-on-sogyal-rinpoche/https://www.dzogchenbeara.org/Sogyal is now trying to complete a €2 m temple project. Another trophy project to his Tibetan Feudal dream.
Here is an expert on Sogyal’s sexual problems.
Summer Retreat With Sogyal Rinpoche Friday 30 June, 6pm – Sunday 9 July 4pm Weekend Option Friday 30 June, 6pm – Sunday 2 July 4pm



The summer retreat is our main event of the year, a unique opportunity to receive teachings from Sogyal Rinpoche in the extraordinary environment of Dzogchen Beara. Everyone is welcome!

The retreat will include teachings from Sogyal Rinpoche, presentations of his best recent teachings by his senior students as well as guided meditations and contemplations.

Sogyal Rinpoche is a world-renowned Buddhist teacher from Tibet and author of the ‘The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying’, of which over three million copies have been printed, in 34 languages. He is also the spiritual director of Dzogchen Beara.

With his remarkable gift for presenting the essence of Buddhism in a way that is both authentic and profoundly relevant to the modern mind, Sogyal Rinpoche is one of the most acclaimed teachers of our time.

The atmosphere Rinpoche creates is one of incredible warmth, love, and penetrating insight, as if he were speaking directly to the heart of each and everyone present.

He is often called an incredible communicator, and people around the world remark on the power his teachings have to reveal a glimpse of the innermost nature of mind and bring lasting transformation and confidence in how to face the challenges of daily life.






Note the feudal thrones elevated above the people. This is what Hegel called Lamaism which is unreformed Tantric Hinduism. This includes hell realms and for women consort sex. It is not that some women get abused it has sex at its heart. Let us give you some idea about how this works as you know a photograph tells a lot of tales.


Lama's with women7

Lama's with women10

Dalai Lamabd0295

Now I would like you to look at this photograph. Note the fact that they are holding hands. That suggests common purpose. Who is to the right? It is none other than the leader of the Aum Group from Japan who tried to take over the Japanese state with Sarin gas attacks. Please start engaging your mind and stop the mindfulness which takes out the critical mind. We have much mindlessness in the transformation of our western mind. 

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