2X2. Report of my testimony at the Truth Convention. Let us start from the very beginning, then on the other hand let’s start at the end.

Landon House Carrick

Carrick Convention Meeting Area


Having begun a process with Craig Fulton and John Delaney which you can read in the post above, I was kindly invited to go to the Convention and duly arrived last Saturday June 17. For obvious reasons the agenda we will be addressing will likely have to wait till September, but I am waiting to hear from Craig in written form how he sees this proceeding. All I asked for at this time was an acknowledgement of agreement to proceed but too date I have not received this.

It became clear that this is not a public event but rather understood as a private meeting for members only not that it is very clear who members are.
This means that though my role was as a participant observer, this was for some in conflict with the spiritual renewal of participants which was there sole purpose in attending the Convention. So unless there is a named person speaking I will not be quoting from testimonies which can easily be recognised.
Speakers List

As I try to assimilate the experience of the week end I am also having conversations with ex members to bounce my views off them. Naturally they are looking at the event through a negative lens as they have left whereas, I have or did not have such an experience.
I will in later posts address the issue of young people, Theology, history, baptism and the organisation of the Convention. Other ideas will I am sure present themselves and I will return to these in time.
What struck me about the internet was that the Friends had nothing up themselves. This is an advantage on the one hand, but on the other hand, others can make critiques and no one has any idea whether what they are saying is true or false. I could find no pictures of the Conventions other than pictures of Workers at these meetings they hold in places like Geneva. So it will be of interest that I have some of the first photographs of what things look like.

The other thing which will likely change the face of the Truth is that most of the folks there were on line and even though they do not use TV they are very much up to speed. In some ways those fighting to keep people away from TV are wasting their time as in fact most young people watch very little TV and if watching anything will watch it on a lap top, tablet or phone. In fact such a revolution is going on that it is likely it will not be long before the Conventions can be seen on line.
This began to strike me as I talked to young people but on Saturday 17 I had about 407 views which is a normal daily figure. Then on Saturday 18 it went up to 484
which was quite normal. People were obviously, seeing me around and wanted to get a sense of who I was so by Monday it had risen to 724. Tuesday the 20 it was 844, but as of yesterday the longest day of the year it peaked at 1235. Today Thursday 22 it went to 1598. This suggests a desire on behalf of those involved to have a bit of background about the movement they are part of. Who do you think you are,? is a popular TV programme. I am sure who you are as a movement is of great interest to many.

Let us start from the very beginning, then on the other hand let’s start at the end.

After lunch on the last day I decided to give my testimony in the Convention. It had appeared before lunch when I stood up that I was ignored but Craig confirmed I would be welcome to share. First of all I thanked the Landon family for their hospitality and Craig for having invited me.

Carrick Convention Meeting Area

I realised that most of the Friends there came to the Convention to be ‘apart’ from the world. But I on the other hand came to be ‘a’ part of your world from outside in the world. I made the point that I was a participant/observer, but that I also myself was a believer so could identify with what they all were doing that four days. I told them that on June 6th 1966 with over 20,000 people around me in Earls Court, near Kensington in London I stepped forward to cross over the boundary from death to life as Dr Billy Graham was preaching. I also commended Dalton McGuinness for his sharing earlier where he gave a deep analysis of forgiveness based on his own experience at school. He gave the example of how by taking the risk of to acknowledge wrong to his teacher by admitting he had left a bat under the stairs he opened up a new relationship with his teacher. She had asked who had left it there in breach of regulations. The bat was supposed to be returned to a box where they were stored. It was clear that his insights arose out of deep reflection and focus.
Having worked in a large restaurant called Quaglinos in the West End of London which had major banquets I was amazed at the organisation and the spirit of cooperation evident in distribution of the food and its swift delivery, and clearing away by teams in the spirit of putting on the apron of service. Where I had worked there would have been a lot of expletives and chaos, here it worked like clock work, or with a gentle presence of the Spirit.. There were no rotas no calls for volunteers, all was working and each took his or her place of service. Also you were struck not by the division of the group into adults, elderly and children. All were part of an intimate tapestry of cooperation. The little ones gave out the juice and they were sweet.

Carrick Convention Dining Area
More to follow but no more today.

4 Responses

  1. That comment M refers to the general public, not to the children of members. Also you prove my point by referring to them watching TV on laptops and tablets. My general point is that TV sets are becoming an item of the older generation.


  2. “most young people watch very little TV”

    Many do watch quite a bit of TV on their laptops and tablets.


  3. Nice report so far Mike. Appreciate your objectivity.

    Liked by 1 person

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