Visit to the Friends Convention, Carrick, Co Laois

Landon House Carrick

Robert and Iris Landon’s home

Written Sunday June 18:

Spending the next 3 days at the Van Der Hum Convention in Carrick, Co. Laois. The property is owned by Robert and Iris Landon. They have created a Convention Centre on an active farm. The dining space is another barn and today Sunday they must have served over 500 meals after morning service.

Carrick Convention Dining Area

                   Barn used to serve meals.
I was able to talk to Robert who is originally from Glenville, Co Cork. He has cattle and barley. He is a gentle presence everywhere. The organisation by John Connolly a worker from Co. Armagh is superb. Generally the Friends like the Amish they don’t like their photograph taken. The barn where the meetings take place are generally full of barley but are transformed into a meeting space.

Speakers List


Carrick Convention Meeting Area

Carrick Convention car park

You will see from the cars the numbers present.

Carrick Convention caravan park

Caravan Park

The river is where tomorrow there will be a baptism.

Carrick Convention river for baptisms

Carrick Convention river for baptisms1

Baptistery Castledermot1916a

Castledermot Baptistery.

It is interesting to note that believers baptism was a feature of Irish Christians before the Normans came. This post gives an insight into this history. So the practice was very much at the heart of the Christian faith in Ireland.

Carrick Convention Craig and John Workers

The two workers I have been dealing with are John Connolly and Craig Fulton.  Delightful conversations with people from Peru, Atlanta and South Africa. Here in Ireland from Downpatrick, Mullingar, Bannon, Edenderry and one from Summerhill in Dublin. A full report of the Convention will follow.

American Army sheds bought after WW2 a

American Army sheds bought after WW2

I had a room which I was informed were originally US Army WWII vintage.×2-dialogue-ireland-director-is-going-to-the-van-der-hum-convention-in-co-laois-june-17-20/

8 Responses

  1. That is no problem, I assume you have heard nothing further in response. My guess he is himself a former member so holds the negative view. I take on board your perspective on infant baptism where there are no rights accorded to the child.


  2. M refers to the other commenter below, who I paraphrased.


  3. Certainly this comment is a bit strange as it relates to the post Visit to the Friends Convention, Carrick. However, there is no mention of “pressure to join before adulthood.”
    I assume M refers to Mike Garde? Perhaps you could quote the full text and context?


  4. M. mentions pressure to join before adulthood. How is this different from the Jewish bar/bat mitzvah, or the many Christian religions that baptize at birth, before the child has any cognitive abilities? Does M object to all religions?


  5. I object to the pressure put on the youth to join before they reach financial and adult freedom. Many face pressure from an early age to profess from the adults within their meeting, from their family, from the older generation, from relations and peers, and it is at convention when the pressure is the highest. This means they join at an age when they have little option but join (they are not old enough to be financially able to refuse to join and move out, they are not legally old enough to move out from the family home or to stop attending the meetings to avoid pressure) and as a result, some begin at a later stage to live a double-life. Professing is referred to as making one’s “choice” which angers me because a forced decision on a minor is not a choice. A choice is deciding between several options but in the meetings there is only one choice- professing. Those who make the choice not to profess are never referred to as making their choice, which reveals a mindset of the only “choice” is joining- even though one option is not a choice. The youth who refuse to join as spoken about by relations, their meeting members and the older generation as “disobedient”. Obedience requires youth to profess and later, live a double-life.


  6. Yes but please no reference to an actual person.


  7. can you delete it and i try again?


  8. Thanks for your comment under the name of TommyGamble. Could you please amend that name as it might lead to confusion? If you can’t send me another nom de plume.


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