Carrig Eden: Christian Mediation ends

Carrig Eden 4

Interim statement on our mediation between the Irish Assemblies of God, ( I A O G)*

and Tiglin* Rehabilitation centre, representing the residents of Carrig Eden House, Greystones, Co Wicklow.

Carrig Eden 1

Dialogue Ireland issues the following interim statement in relation to a proposed Christian mediation between the Irish Assemblies of God, ( I A O G)* and Tiglin Rehabilitation centre, with regard to the issues surrounding the relationship between them from a Christian standpoint.


It is being reported that Dialogue Ireland requested such mediation, but in fact our Director, Mike Garde was approached on a number of occasions by Aubrey McCarthy Chairman of Tiglin who had requested them to approach the IAOG to ascertain their willingness to enter such mediation.

Carrig Eden 3



At all stages Dialogue Ireland made it clear to both parties that the framework for the mediation would not include any reopening of the transaction of the sale of Carrig Eden to Wicklow County Council or any other party. Rather the mediation would seek to bring both parties to an understanding of each others positions, and address any failure by the parties to conduct themselves in a manner reflective of a Christian or Faith based ethos.

Both parties entered the process and agreed to a detailed memorandum of events as outlined by us as to the history behind this matter.

Having begun the process, Tiglin have indicated to us that at this time, they must withdraw and concentrate on the re-housing of the residents to whom, they feel as former users of their service, they have a duty of care.

Dialogue Ireland have in the initial stages gained a clearer understanding of the matter and remain willing to facilitate any future discussions. In the meantime it would ask all parties to ensure that where they can bring any influence on their supporters or the media that as far as possible, they seek to ensure that details are accurate and true.

Dialogue Ireland will keep watching brief on this unfolding story, and hope to bring out a report at a future date.


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