Lost in translation. How the Scientology Organisation tried to recruit Irish translators.

Here is the report: TG4b


A few weeks ago I received a call from Shane Ó Curraighín from the news/ Nuacht RTÉ/TG4 about the the SO plan to recruit translators. I told him about a report I read last year and he then sent me the letter he had sent them to ask for an interview. That was his first problem. Scientology hate journalists and even though they opened a new HQ on Merrion Square they in fact refuse to let anyone into the place. It seems to be a celebrity project of the type which celebrates places wherever LR Hubbard lived and they open a very expensive building but nothing goes on there.



Note in the picture below the crowd. All bused in for the day and those in uniform are not on a day outing from Ryanair but the officials also bused. I often phone the place and no one is there. Bizarre but very SO.


Hi Mike,

Below is the statement which the Church of Scientology provided. They’re offering €.09 per word they’re looking for translators to translate up to 5,000 words per week. They’ve said in their job advert that they hope to have the project completed by July.

We would like to ask you for your analysis on the Church’s campaign to have their text translated into Irish and your opinion on why they’re making a push with the translation.




Shane is then referred to the Mission on Middle Abbey St and it is the the CCHR address he is given that is the organisation that regards all psychiatric drugs as arising from the Nazis. So they run an anti drug routine called Narconon but in reality it is not an anti drugs campaign but Scientology under another name.


— Original Message ——–
Subject: Nuacht RTÉ/TG4: Interview/Statement Request
Date: 2017-04-17 09:54
From: Ó Curraighín, Shane ocurraighins@rte.ie

To: “info@cchr.ie” info@cchr.ie

Alex, a chara,

My name is Shane Ó Curraighín, a reporter with Nuacht RTÉ/TG4 in
Galway, we spoke on the phone this morning. We are doing a report this
evening about the Church of Scientology campaign to hire Irish language
translators to translate texts and materials.

Would a Church of Scientology representative be available to do an
interview in Galway in Irish about your hiring campaign? If not, could
you provide a statement on the following questions?

Why has the Church of Scientology decided to translate texts into Irish?

How many Irish language translators do you require?

How many Irish language translators does the Church of Scientology have
working at the moment?

What is the rate of pay you are offering for Irish language translators
to translate your work?

Please contact me on 087 7667 853 if you have any queries about my

Le meas,

Shane Ó Curraighín


Baile na hAbhann, Co. na Gaillimh            M: +353 87 7667 853 E: ocurraighins@rte.iewww.rte.ie/news/nuacht

 Note address it is media relations? They don’t do relations.

From: Media Relations mediarelations@scientology.ie
Sent: 17 April 2017 19:44
To: Ó Curraighín, Shane
Subject: Re: Nuacht RTÉ/TG4: Interview/Statement Request


Shane, a chara,
Thank you very much for your enquiry.

Unfortunately, we don’t have someone available for an interview, so I will give you the following statement:

We have translated our religious works into over 50 languages and Irish is one of our newest projects, which we are very excited about.

Our Founder, L Ron Hubbard, had a special love for the Irish, from when he visited Dublin in 1956. He specifically went to Dublin to pilot seminars on the subject of personnel efficiency, with people from all walks of life. This resulted in the Church’s “Personal Efficiency Course” being adopted internationally as an introductory course in Scientology. (This is a course that teaches the underlying rules of life and how to apply these principles, so that the student can achieve security in their job, relationships, and all other areas of living.)

We also recognize the historical and cultural importance of the Irish language and the measures being taken to preserve its use. It is an honour for us to contribute to this resurgence by translating around 10 million words into Irish and have it available for study for the generations to come.

The number of translators is increasing almost daily and the final number isn’t known, as there is much to translate. Pay rate is 9 Euro cents per word for usually extensive projects.

We have had some encouraging responses from translators:

“I wish more Churches would translate their materials in our language.”

“Bless the Church of Scientology for investing in our language.”

“I am happy that Scientology is translating their materials into Irish. It is appreciated.”

“I was very interested to receive your message and learn of your interest in the Irish language. I commend the undertaking.”

“I would love to be involved in the project and I look forward to hearing more about what you need and the next steps. Again, I am delighted to be acquainted with you. What a wonderful venture in which you are involved.”

“I find this project interesting on many levels – in particular linguistically!!! Extremely interesting information.”

“The material from your organization is very interesting and it is very clear that your team is organized, adept and is determined to reach their goal. I feel it would be inspirational to be part of such a team and it would also be a creative way to give back to others.”

le meas,

Graeme Wilson

This very same letter was sent out last year when another journalist sought to interview someone. It is pure PR exercise and likely hides that they do not even have an Irish speaker.


Graeme is a member of the Office of Special Affairs based in East Grinstead in East Sussex. In fact my guess is that they try to get a hold of some TD and bring them on a trip to Florida as they did last year.


Irish translator

  • Cork / Galway / Dublin
  • See description
  • Updated 12/04/2017
  • HR

Apply Now


Hiring Irish translators to translate Scientology texts from English to Irish. Can be done from home. Only internet connection required. Part-time and Full-time accepted. Stable work for months.


Details on the position:

We are looking for Irish speaking translators to do the translation of Scientology texts (books, public lectures, courses, brochures and more) from English to Irish. The texts are mainly humanitarian and self-improvement related.

Preferably the work is done on a full-time basis, however part-time applications are accepted as well.
A minimum of 5000 words/week is required.

Reporting to:
A Project Manager will assign you the work and help you with anything needed.

Minimum qualifications:
BA or MA in Irish. However if you are a native speaker and consider your level of Irish sufficient to translate we will consider your application.

Required competencies:
Proficiency in written Irish.

Reason for this project:
Due to a surge in interest in Scientology in Ireland the Church has undertaken to translate all its materials into Irish. Scientology materials are already available in more than 50 languages and Irish will be the next one.

Necessary experience:
Previous translation experience preferable but not required.

The job can be done from anywhere as it only requires a computer to work and an internet connection to download and upload the translation. The translation is usually needed on a weekly basis, therefore you can schedule when you do it at your own convenience.

The project is already on going and is planned to continue until July. Possibility to continue with a second phase afterward.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Is the work proofread?
The translators do their own proofreading. A reviewer will go through afterwards but for consistency of terminology only.

2. Does the translator’s name ever accompany a published translation, or appear anywhere on the clients website?

3. What are your payment terms?
We pay 0.09 euros/word. Upon completion of each task an invoice has to be sent to the Project Manager. Once the invoice is received you will get your payment within 7 days.

The rate is such for mainly two reasons:

  1. a) There are many repetitions throughout the materials, making it faster and easier for the translators as they go along since we use a translation memory used and fed by all translators.
    b) The project is of considerable size and will provide stable translation work for a long period of time, this does influence the budget as well as the rate. What translation technology do you use?
    Trados software or in case you do not have it you can be set up with the SDL WorldServer Desktop Workbench for free.

    5. Do you require freelance translators to sign a contract?
    No. Only a copyright agreement is to be signed.

    Click the Apply Button below to send us your application.

Apply Now Report This Job



Church of Scientology


Follow This Company



As part of the sales pitch they explain what Scientology is.


Developed by L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology is a religion that offers a precise path leading to a complete and certain understanding of one’s true spiritual nature and one’s relationship to self, family, groups, Mankind, all life forms, the material universe, the spiritual universe and the Supreme Being.

Scientology addresses the spirit—not the body or mind—and believes that Man is far more than a product of his environment, or his genes.

Scientology comprises a body of knowledge which extends from certain fundamental truths. Prime among these are:

Man is an immortal spiritual being.

His experience extends well beyond a single lifetime.

His capabilities are unlimited, even if not presently realized.

Scientology further holds Man to be basically good, and that his spiritual salvation depends upon himself, his fellows and his attainment of brotherhood with the universe.

Scientology is not a dogmatic religion in which one is asked to accept anything on faith alone. On the contrary, one discovers for oneself that the principles of Scientology are true by applying its principles and observing or experiencing the results.

The ultimate goal of Scientology is true spiritual enlightenment and freedom for all.




This is the department of the Church responsible for the translations of all L. Ron Hubbard materials in every major language of Earth ‒ over 60 in all. Books, lectures, courses, booklets and more are all produced here and then sent to our publishing houses for printing and shipping.

We take care of the translations, editing, proofreading and typesetting.

We also have a state-of-the-art studio fully equipped to handle the recording and audio editing of all L. Ron Hubbard lectures in foreign languages.

I believe this to be a subtle attempt by Scientology to recruit people to its cause.

Please look into this| attempt at undue influence





Read the excellent article by John Duignan which gives us an insight into what they are trying to achieve.

Lost in Translation? You Will Be If You Take up a Scientology Job Offer.

Updated on April 15, 2017

Contact Author



I am aware that English to Irish translation gigs can be hard to come by. It is tough enough getting steady work in modern European languages, so the prospect of paid employment in your chosen field will be enticing to say the least. But be well warned; working in any capacity for Scientology under even its most innocuous sounding front groups, is a minefield from which few come out unscathed. ‘That way lies madness’ as the saying goes.

Because what I write below may seem a little bit harsh, I had better prefix the article with a statement of my credentials. I was recruited into Scientology in 1986 and rapidly moved into its inner and most militant core, The Sea Organisation – a quasi military, fanatical brotherhood that owns and jealously protects all properties, both intellectual and substantial, that fall under the International Scientology Corporate remit.

I escaped – in the literal sense – in 2006. It was a twenty year long nightmare, and to this day I still suffer nightmares and wake up in a cold sweat, having dreamt that I was once more trapped within that hellish regime.

While working in many executive and administrative roles within the organisation, I became involved in various projects to oversee and manage translation work including an English to Hindi project and an English to Hungarian project. Thus, to misquote Gandalf; I know whereof I speak.’

You see it on the likes of Twitter and Facebook all the time, emotional appeals to one’s better nature. A click of the mouse to indicate support of an ostensibly decent cause and then the horror of realizing that you have ‘liked’ a pro-NAZI hate group, or lent your support to some unhinged anti-science cult.

The Scientology Irish Translation Project is simply a more sophisticated version of the above. It is a net thrown out broadly to catch unsuspecting lovers of Irish language and culture. A fishing lure cast into humanity’s stream to bag a prize specimen. Those that speak, write and translate Irish are a rare species. They are a cut above, by virtue of the necessary brain power and linguistic dexterity required to translate, not merely words, but history, values and culture, from one set to another.

Scientology has achieved a singularity in Western culture, becoming a byword for all that is crazy, all that is despicable in our modern world. Thanks, in particular to the likes of the ‘Google Search engine and internet troublemakers like Anonymous, it has thus done its best to disguise its recruitment efforts. Luring the unsuspecting with innocuous ‘entry level’ courses and front groups such as NARCANON, WISE, The Way To Happiness Foundation and indeed, YHRI or Youth for Human Rights International. But once you have become enmeshed you will find that you are involved in a cult that has Science Fiction as its core theology and practices that are rooted in the methods of the occultist, Alex Crowley. You will find an anti-intellectual, white supremacist, homophobic scripture that makes Ayn Rand’s writings look like a children’s ‘Lady Bird’ picture book. And if you dare become an apostate it will use its vast wealth and its paid-for politicians and police officers to crush you.

Opposition is met with endless litigation that leaves the unsuspecting bankrupt, exhausted and broken. While high profile Scientology evangelists such as Tom Cruise, dazzle us at movie premiers and lend their glitz to unsuspecting politicians desperate for media attention, behind the scenes well intentioned, garden variety folks are being bled dry. Children are being denied their rights of freedom of body, thought and expression, elderly are being abused in unconscionable ways.

Of course you could not possibly know what really goes on unless you have either lived deep within the bowels of this organisation or challenged them in court. The fanatics that operate its public relations and it external security arms do everything in their power to project an acceptable image. Judging by the ‘South Park’ Trapped in The Closet’ episode and the ensuing hilarity it garnered across the ethersphere, they really need to rethink their approach.

Just imagine the shocked silence at the gathering of friends and family, you, a thoughtful, hardworking translator, with years of sweating through your BA, MA and PHD degrees, stumbling through an explanation as to who you are working for these days. “I um, am translating for Scientology, yes, that’s right, the Tom Cruise cult, the one featured on South Park… “ Ouch.

Now to the nitty gritty. Supposing you do take up the offer and embark on a project to translate the quirky language of a not altogether sane and balanced narcissistic megalomaniac who was more often than not out of his head on a smorgasbord of illicit drugs when lecturing to his worshipful devotees back in the 1950s and 1960s. Let me first put you in the mindset of the founder of Scientology, Hubbard, the Guru, the All Knowing Leader.

In 1958 he opened the first Irish Scientology centre on 69 Merrion Square, calling it ‘The Atomic Energy Healing Division Emergency Station’. That went down well. It was closed within twenty four months.

He was convinced that humans are infested with alien beings and that a Scientologist must be cleansed of this infestation through an endless process of guided introspective audits that one can expect to be engaged in for at least four hours every day for a minimum of twenty years.

The above process will cost a minimum of twelve hundred Euros for each twelve hour block. You will have spent in excess of five hundred thousand by the time you reach the end of this process.

Scientology runs a standard ‘past life security check’ that is regularly carried out on children as young as ten years old as well as adults. It contains such questions as: ‘Have you ever had anything to do with a brothel?’ Have you ever slept with a member of a race of another colour? Have you ever raped anybody? Have you ever had anything to do with communism or are you a communist? And this little zinger ‘Have you ever had anything to do with a baby farm?

Try to translate that into Irish.

Translating Scientology materials will be a very different process to say, translating PD James or even Jack kerouac. You will need to learn a bewildering array of acronyms, for example BTs – that is Body Thetans – as well as a swath of terms Hubbard invented for his esoteric ‘philosophical system’. These include: Isness, havingness, Hubbard’s very own definition of Affinity, Thetan. And you will have to become intimate with at least twenty charts including ‘The Hubbard Chart of Human Evaluation’ – From an alien perspective – joke – The Hubbard Gradation Chart of Awareness, The 0 to Havingness Scale. I could go on.

In order to fully comprehend these and the many other facets of Scientology you will be required to take Scientology courses and indeed engage in Scientology audits. You will be pushed to sign up for paid courses and believe me, any hard won financial gain you hoped to achieve through your efforts will be swallowed up, or better yet, dissipate, just as the mirage-like Turloughs of the Burren district in County Clare do.

Scientology runs a uniquely frustrating financial and administrative system. The international corporate organisation is worth somewhere in the multi billion mark, but that treasure is stored in offshore accounts, the Netherland Antilles being a prime location for its banking needs. But you will not be working for the international operation. You will be working for either its European book publish arm, New Era Publications, its US subsidiary, Bridge Publications or its audio visual branch, Golden Era Productions. These work a Thursday to Thursday financial and administrative week. All books must be closed out by Thursday at 2pm. All the weekly income is then calculated and a mandatory 70% of that is filtered off through a bewildering system bank accounts, dummy corporations and tax feints to the Caribbean banks.

Any and all of the Scientology companies you work for have to fund their entire operations from the remaining 30% of that weekly income. The income is made from persuading people to buy Scientology courses and procedures, it is not exactly Starbucks, so you can be fairly certain that the weekly operating capital will be very tight indeed. New Era Publications operates a large printing administrative and distribution center in the city of Copenhagen, that is an expensive place to do business. After vital costs such as utilities, rates, essential services and administration has been allocated, little old you, the busy translator, will be sitting down at the lower end of a list of necessities and creditors. In short, you can expect to have to fight for your pay.

I cannot tell you how many unwitting contractors and creditors I have seen walk away in tears of frustration after months of trying to get payment from Scientology organisations.

So be warned, humble translator, stay away from Scientology. As I said earlier, That way lies madness.

Irish version of John’s article














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