Liveline covers the opening of Scientology Org. HQ in Dublin.


Joe Duffy talked to Daniel about his near recruitment to the Scientology Org. Daniel does not seem to understand that they were trying to hook him big time. He has some insight into the goals of Scientology but seems rather naive as to his playing with fire. He does gain some insight into the new HQ on Merrion Square but in general does not grasp the enormity of what he has got himself involved with.


What was strange was that no one was invited to the opening of the building and all the people who were at the opening other than a few Irish members were bused in. The person who is running the operation is Lady McNair who had a starring performance on the Late Late Show 22 years ago in February 1995.

After no one could get in I phoned up the office and asked to speak to the Director. I was put through to Margaret McNair and she was in the middle of a board meeting. She would get back to me…….?

Interesting enough at an event for ex Scientologists she was outed in trying to close down the conference. See why and how?

Here is the interview with Daniel.


Then Joe interviews John Hearne who does not seem to understand what happened to him. He is in a long line of civic leaders used to promote Scientology.

Finally on Thursday Liveline talks to Rod Keller who was one of the first to draw attention to what was going on in Dublin and he appeared on one of the best sources of information about Scientology Tony Ortega and his Underground Bunker.

Rod Keller gives a very insightful report on the opening of a National HQ in the Underground Bunker. It is clear that Scientology for whatever reason sees Ireland as important in its global strategy.

Then on the next day Joe takes a call from John McGhee. He was involved with Scientology and gave a very coherent outline what Daniel was not really able to grasp. John had been found guilty of assault in a bizarre case involving a case involving Pete Griffith who claimed to have been defamed by Zabrina Collins a few years earlier. However, we had the weird thing of what appeared to have been a clear attempt to sabotage this case and the resultant collapse of the campaign against Scientology in Ireland. John became as fanatical and under undue influence as he had been when a cultist now as an anti cultist.

You can form your own view by reading about the case here:

Here is interview with John McGhee with Joe





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