Dr John Butler on cultism and mind control

With thanks to Matthew McKenna for recording and editing this.



PhD (Lond.), MBSH, CHT

 MA, BA (Hons.), BSc (Hons.), DHP, Dip. A.T., FNRHP



Dr. Butler taught in higher education for over 15 years lecturing in medical psychology, medical neuroscience and other subjects in medical schools and other university departments.  He has worked as an experimental neuroanatomist and carried out research in medical science as an experimental neuroanatomist specialising in the field of neuroendocrinology, in which he holds a doctorate from the University of London.  He trained in many psychological therapies and been a clinical practitioner of psychological therapies for nearly 30 years and a clinical trainer for nearly 20 years.  He has been registered as a psychotherapist with the United Kingdom for Psychotherapy and received certification from the European Association for Psychotherapy and holds membership of the British Psychological Society.  He was active in the development of the profession of psychotherapy in the United Kingdom and abroad and has served in various organisations involved in setting training standards for this field.  He has been a clinical hypnotherapy educator to a wide variety of groups including writing and tutoring the first official training in hypnotherapy in the NHS in 1992, teaching at the Royal College of Nursing in London.  He was a key figure in the development of the profession of clinical hypnotherapy in the UK.  He has been widely quoted in the media and elsewhere as an authoritative source of information on clinical hypnosis.  He has been a therapist to many high-level performers in performing arts, the media and business.  He has been a consultant on personal development for major businesses including Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, BUPA, Ernst & Young, etc.

He has made an intensive study of many healing systems and has taught mental development and mind therapy systems for 32 years.  He has also studied the subject of mental influence and persuasion techniques and investigated the uses and abuses of mental programming in groups and individuals.  He has studied the phenomena of cultist groups over many years and the effects of group dynamics on individual functioning.  He has carried out field work to investigate cultist groups from an insider perspective and worked with survivors of abusive groups and their families.  He has acted as an expert witness and as an advisor to the police in legal cases involving hypnosis.  He has contributor to several books and articles in popular and learned publications and published in the field of neuroscience.  He has contributed to many radio and television broadcasts.  He has made more than 20 television appearances as an expert in mind therapies with many programmes focused on his use of hypnotherapy in medical clinical settings including the use of hypnosis as an anaesthetic for chronic pain and in invasive surgeries.  His clinical work was first filmed over 11 years ago and since then has been reported many times in the media, including a major BBC television series, “Mysteries”, with Carol Vorderman in 1997 and a live broadcast on Channel 4’s digital channel, More4, with John Butler using hypnosis as a sole anaesthetic while surgery was performed on a patient in April 2006.  Some of his work has been featured in “Time” magazine and “Science” magazine.  He is the clinical author of the popular book “Secrets of Hypnotherapy” (Pub. Dorling Kindersley).  Some of his media appearances include TV and radio interviews on BBC’s “This Morning” and BBC World Service.  Other television programmes he has contributed to and appeared on include “The Mind Benders”, an Equinox TV investigation into the field of mind enhancement and subliminal techniques and “Fair Game”, a programme presented by Greg Dyke investigating uses and abuses of hypnosis in sport.

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