Scientology Non Church Organisation opens in Dublin with a lot of blow ins

“Official 1984 Orwellian presentation of Joycean redefinition of language signifying the opposite of what happened.” The Scientology Organisation has been in Ireland for 50 years but has not too date been able to obtain charitable status in the three areas which define a charity.

  1. Furtherance of Religion.
  2. Relief of poverty.
  3. Advancement of Education.

Why have they not been able to obtain these from the Irish Revenue Commissioners and from the Charities Regulatory Authority?

Because their religion is infinity and it is is used as front to make money, make more money and get others to make more money for them.

They do not relieve poverty but in fact make many poor by taking money off them. They have no programmes to assist the poor or homeless. What they in fact call education is mental manipulation and mind control. Anyone in their right mind will actually be trained to speak a new language and have a totally other vocabulary which is Scientologese


Dublin, Ireland

Church of Scientology Cuts a Ribbon on National Affairs Office in the Emerald Isle

October 15, 2016

The new Church of Scientology National Affairs Office opens its doors in Dublin on the city’s iconic Merrion Square to offer permanent delivery of Scientology-supported social betterment programs in Ireland.



A festive ribbon-cutting and open house event marked the launch of the new Church of Scientology National Affairs Office for Ireland.

Over the centuries the nation of Ireland has served as a fountainhead of culture, poetry and art for Western Civilization. At the heart of that cultural outpouring is the City of Dublin and within its urban core stands a place whose history-soaked streets present a striking representation of it all—the majestic Merrion Square.


That legendary location was the site of a festive ribbon-cutting and open house event on Saturday, October 15, at Number 4 Merrion Square North. The landmark facility stands as the new home of the Church of Scientology National Affairs Office of Ireland and was officially opened by Church executives and staff.


The new Church of Scientology National Affairs Office opened its doors in Dublin, Saturday, October 15, on the city’s iconic Merrion Square. The facility is designed to offer permanent delivery of Scientology-supported social betterment programs in Ireland.


The new National Affairs Office is just blocks from some of Ireland’s most renowned national monuments that include the National Gallery, the National History Museum, Trinity College and Leinster House, seat of Parliament. A classic example of some of Dublin’s finest Georgian architecture, the historic building dates back to the 1760s—well before the birth of the American democracy, and before the great migration of Irish families to those western shores. Now, more than two centuries later, it has become home to the Church’s expanding mission within Ireland.



ON SATURDAY, October 15, Church executives and staff officially opened the new home of the Church of Scientology National Affairs Office for Ireland at No. 4 Merrion Square North.

See if you can recognise Lady McNair in what looks like Pan Am flight attendant’s suit above and her sinister role in trying to get a conference cancelled in 2012.

And if that was not enough Scientology is addicted to failure. Here is the iconic Late, Late Show that McNair appeared on in February 1995.



KIERAN SWORDS LONG TIME supporter of the campaign to suggest that psychiatry is an industry of death, that all psychiatric drugs are evil and in reality they are not really fighting drugs but psychiatry.

“By opening the doors of the Church of Scientology National Affairs Office for Ireland, we are continuing in the tradition of our Founder L. Ron Hubbard who himself held an office at 69 Merrion Square,” said David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board of the Religious Technology Center and ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion. “And we do so with the intent to offer our humanitarian initiatives to all in honor of our Founder and the Aims of Scientology—a civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights, and where man is free to rise to greater heights.”

A festive ribbon-cutting and open house event marked the launch of the new Church of Scientology National Affairs Office for Ireland.


In fact, in February of 1956, when L. Ron Hubbard first arrived in Dublin’s Merrion Square to create The American College of Personnel Efficiency—a model for the first introductory course in Scientology—he observed that the Irish winter was lingering. “If the weather is cold, the Irish heart is warm,” he wrote. “The country and the people could not be improved upon.”



Visitors tour the Information Center during the Open House* held Saturday, October 15, at the Church of Scientology’s new National Affairs Office for Ireland.

*Note term Open House? This was an event for a few local Scientologists and was fabricated to make David Miscavige feel good. It is a trophy house and has no more intention of letting any raw meat* or wogs* into the place. * Terms given to non Scientologists.

So it is that the location of this architecturally historic and beautifully restored facility reflects the reverence and respect that Mr. Hubbard felt for both the Irish people, and the magnificence of the Emerald Isle they call home. In that vein, the new National Affairs Office is devoted to Ireland in carrying the hope for a better world, for happier lives, and in sharing the practical solutions that turn those hopes into reality. These philosophies have been at the heart of the Church’s worldwide social missions since it was established more than a half century ago.


Open House attendees take in the surroundings of the historic Merrion Square building that is now home to the Church of Scientology National Affairs Office.

Here second from the right is Ger Collins Director of the Mission, and to his left Michael O’Donnell, along with Zabrina Collins were involved with an assault case against Pete Griffiths and John McGhee two former Scientologists. On the far right is Vincent Kelly who I believe has been involved with the mission for over 30 years.


Modeled after Scientology’s National Affairs Office of Washington, D.C.—which was established in 2012 to facilitate cooperation between American political and cultural leaders and the Church’s social and humanitarian objectives—the facilities in Dublin are similarly designed as a center for the Church’s outreach across Ireland. Through these offices, the Church will assist in meeting both physical and spiritual needs, and in addressing social ills from drugs, to poverty to homelessness.

Headquartered in America, the Church of Scientology has grown into a worldwide institution dedicated to engendering respect for human rights and creating a world free of debilitating social ills. To that end, on any given day, tens of thousands of Scientologists are working on every continent on earth. Those who explore what Scientology offers in a troubled world find that these many missions are nurtured and enhanced through extensive partnerships with other faith-based and interfaith programs, international humanitarian groups, schools, police, local government and civic organizations—all working together to support and uplift all communities while protecting religious and personal freedoms. The evidence of success can be seen in the prolific expansion of the Church over the past few decades under the guidance and direction of Mr. Miscavige.

The Church of Scientology National Affairs Office of Ireland seeks to share with the Irish people both the work of the Church and its humanitarian ideals. From the offices in Merrion Square the Church will coordinate its many charitable and humanitarian campaigns. They include efforts to battle drug addiction, increase rights awareness, improve scholastic performance and educational opportunities for children, reduce crime and prison recidivism, underpin character building, and to employ the tools, expertise and technology that the Church’s Volunteer Minister program has developed through decades of disaster relief and community service—affecting millions of lives around the world.

The National Affairs Office features an information center complete with interactive programs and visual displays where visitors can learn about Scientology’s social betterment and humanitarian programs, and much more. The Center’s state-of-the-art technology allows for vivid and detailed illustrations of the religion’s basic tenets and of its goals for peace, health and happiness among all peoples. These materials detail the Church’s extensive work in promoting religious tolerance and understanding, in encouraging spiritual awareness, and in helping develop the interfaith cooperation that builds communities and strengthens respect for all persons. Information about the Church’s work towards a drug-free world, towards educational opportunities and a more peaceful existence are found in the Information Center.

Viewers can also witness, through video presentations, the impact of the Volunteer Ministers’ extensive network and outreach efforts, helping illustrate how the National Affairs Office of Ireland can effectively offer guidance and provide collaboration towards improved lives and healthier communities.

The opening of the new National Affairs Office comes during a period of rapid expansion for the religion. Recent openings of new Churches of Scientology have taken place in Sydney, Australia; Harlem, New YorkBudapest, HungaryAtlanta, GeorgiaMilan, ItalyTokyo, Japan; Bogotá, Colombia; and Basel, Switzerland.

The Church recently opened Scientology Media Productions as well, a five-acre, technologically cutting-edge studio in Hollywood, California, in which the religion’s message will be disseminated via television and radio broadcasting, Internet and social media and every other media platform.

More Church openings are planned in the next 12 months for cultural epicenters in New Zealand, Europe, Latin America and North America.


National Affairs Office The Church of Scientology’s National Affairs Office of Ireland was modeled after the Church’s first National Affairs Office in Washington, D.C. Located at No. 4 Merrion Square North, the heritage building has been meticulously restored under historic preservation standards as the headquarters for the Church’s social betterment programs in Ireland.

Entrance Hall An open door and the radiance of refracted light greet visitors as they step into the foyer of the new Church of Scientology National Affairs Office of Ireland. The Office is open to all who wish to share the Church’s dedication to human rights and social betterment programs within their communities.



Reception Foyer The Reception Foyer is comfortably appointed to provide an atmosphere of peace and contemplation for visitors and Church members who come to participate and partner with the Church in its social and humanitarian outreach efforts.


Information Center The Information Center taps into a wealth of material that explains how and why the Church of Scientology seeks to share its goals and methods of creating a better world, one free from war, crime, drugs, human rights abuses and other social ills.


Merrion Parlour. The Merrion Parlour offers a place where visitors can pause to relax, get acquainted, or simply sip a friendly cup of tea by the fireplace.



The Wilson Room Within the elegant venue of its Wilson Room, the National Affairs Office provides a space and resources where community leaders and civic groups can form partnerships and together tackle social issues for the betterment of all Ireland.

The historic No. 4 Merrion Square North is an example of some of Dublin’s finest Georgian architecture and dates back to the 1760s. The Church carefully restored and preserved the facility’s architectural features such as the interior granite and marble detailing.



Liffey Hall Just as the River Liffey brings renewal to the environment around Dublin, so will the facilities of Liffey Hall offer up a place to explore spiritual and social renewal through opportunities to teach, learn and share information in a collaborative way.


The patio provides provides a perfect place for visitors and staff alike on break from meetings, forums and seminars.


Merrion Square The location of the National Affairs Office in this world-famous garden square near the heart of Dublin’s City Center reflects links to the city’s literary past and present. Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard once lived and worked only doors away from the facility’s home.

Note no mention of Oscar Wilde whose statue is to the right. I would suggest it might have something t do with their view of homosexuality? When having that cup of tea do ask them? His family moved to No 1.


Drug-Free World The Church’s decades-long fight to alleviate the human misery and economic consequences associated with drug abuse has led to one of the most successful, privately-funded and promoted anti-drug crusades in the world—one focused on prevention of drug use. These efforts towards a drug-free world have been built from the ground up to partner with police, educators and governments to bring “The Truth About Drugs” to those facing temptation. The National Affairs Office of Ireland is designed to engender collaboration with groups and individuals who share the goal of a drug-free Ireland.



Human Rights The Church of Scientology’s support for the advancement and protection of human rights, has been strengthened by its creation of two potent nonprofit organizations—United for Human Rights and Youth for Human Rights—responsible for publishing and distributing over 60 million educational documents on the subject. The National Affairs Office of Ireland is designed to bring a similar message of respect and understanding to schools, teachers, government organizations and churches and to support the commitment of the Irish to the protection of human dignity for all people.


The Way to Happiness L. Ron Hubbard authored The Way to Happiness, as an educational work that provides anyone with an easy-to-follow “road map” for living. The 21 precepts of The Way to Happiness offer a path to understanding why such values as being trustworthy, temperate, industrious, loyal to truth—and a role model for others—helps make the world a better place in which to live. The National Affairs Office of Ireland provides The Way to Happiness program for all who wish to utilize it in their areas, activities or organizations.



Scientology Volunteer Ministers The nonprofit Scientology Volunteer Minister organization draws on volunteers from both inside and outside Scientology and was originally conceived as a way to help restore spiritual values. Doing so reinforces the vital connections between people affected by disaster—or by the failures of modern society to meet its humanitarian obligations. The National Affairs Office offers this vital program for social missions throughout Ireland, helping meet the needs of those for whom the yellow shirts of these volunteers are a sign of hope.



Narconon One of the weapons in the war against drug addiction has been the establishment of Narconon, a Church-supported drug rehabilitation program that helps addicts escape the dangerous cycles of drug abuse. There are Narconon centers located throughout Europe, in the United Kingdom, and in numerous locations in the U.S., where they have delivered help for 50 years to those afflicted by addiction.


DC National Office The National Affairs Office in Washington, D.C. was the first and only one of its kind until the creation of the National Affairs Office of Ireland in October 2016. The Washington, D.C. Office works towards a world that is more secure and just, and where freedom of conscience and tolerance for the beliefs of others are worthy goals. It seeks to help provide resources for interfaith cooperation and dialogue on humanitarian issues of importance to all. It is the Church’s intent that this mission be as effective in Ireland as it is in America.


All the programmes they claim to have are in reality Scientology though the back door. They attempt to infiltrate everything and as a result they have no partners and the every one involved was bused in Saturday. This a complete hoax and not one single member of the media or anyone actually working with drugs, human rights, the poor, or homeless was there. A complete scam and like the Mission will never be used.



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  2. It is likely you know little about both. Take a walk to Church street and see the loving manner the homeless and hungry are looked after at the Capuchin Day Centre. I really take no interest in peoples beliefs but what they are doing to look after the weak and vulnerable.


  3. I really cannot at present see any substantial difference between Scientology and the sect that presently controls vital areas of our society.


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