Everything you wanted to know about Scientology in Ireland

As Scientology opens its National HQ this Saturday we thought we would republish a document produced by Matthew McKenna in 2012 for the Off Lines Conference in Dublin. Here you will be able to read about what Scientologists are about and the reason Merrion Square is important in the mythology of Scientology history. He had an hynoptic personality and could chat and draw people into his circle. I was told by a person who owned a B&B in Ballsbridge that the Special Branch came to the house and told him to leave the state.



This was the article that alerted this was about to happen:


You can see why the Scientologists want to have their HQ in Merrion Square.

Read about it in this PDF



This going to be about trying to bring some heavy weights to run the show. They have the Sea Org which is the SAS of Scientology to give direction to the waffling mission. They also are going to try to spread their front organisation the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) which is supposed to be about human rights, but is in practice a front group  trying to argue that psychiatry and psychiatric drugs are the cause of all the problems in the world. They give the impression they want to help deal with conventional drug addiction, but they really go for the jugular. This article explains it all.





Now if you think Scientologists are just people who differ with other people see how they try to stop the public finding out about them.


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