Magnus Lundberg gives a magisterial account of the Palmarians. He looks for light but can only see darkness.

As our lovely couple move from one expensive location and experience to another, what we see in this former pope is a man of the world interested in having a smoke and what underpants he will wear. We know where his heart is from this particular transaction which puts him in control of the loot.

Picture of the Pope





Gines Jesus Herandez Martinez of Leaca Ban, Tooman, Lusk, Co.Dublin ARE FULL OWNERS.



As Pope

Well, I know that I have written much about the Palmarian church in the last months. It might be a small group, but many people have had their lives destroyed or damaged while loosing most or all of their money. The Palmarian pope Gregory XVIII (a.k.a. Ginés Hernández) left the papacy and the church in April to live with his girlfriend, claiming that he just realized that the whole church is a scam. In media reports, he consistently claims that he is a/the victim and wants to turn the page. But he was a high church leader for more than two decades and the Palmarian pope (the infallible, supreme leader) for five years, ruling the church, even by Palmarian standards, in an unusually harsh and brutal way. Today, I took the chance to write to him directly (he is on Facebook using an alias). Let’s see if he answers and/or if he is the conscious-less clown he appears to be in media. Or if he answers in the Scientology way, by suing us/me. I do not, however, know for what. In the article, I recently wrote on his papacy “Papal management by fear”, everything is based on sources that can be tested. This is a translation from Spanish of what I wrote:

“I do not think any of us are saints. I’m sure I’m not. But if we want to be human beings we must consult our consciences or look for them if we don’t find them. And we should try to take responsibility for what we have done. But there is a man who figures almost daily in the Spanish press, who so far has not admitted any guilt or taken any responsibility for what he has done in the past. It is Sergio-Gregorio-Gines. I do not know what he thinks. Nor do I know anything about his conscience, but according to the official version presented by Gines: He is a/the victim. Maybe in some way he is, I do not know. If it is true that he did not know that the Palmarian church was a “scam” until 2015, it must be horrific to wake up and realize that you have lived a lie for thirty to forty years. But it is not the most important. De facto, he was the supreme leader of the church until five months ago and he has many things to confess and tell, if he thinks the lives of other people mean anything. It suffices to read his published sermons. You do not even have to turn to the testimonies of the “apostates”, who has suffered his papacy. A word from Ginés will not be enough to heal the ex-Palmarians who have suffered much and still suffer. But it could be a start.”

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