The House of Prayer and The Palmarians are in Malahide and Lusk. Compare and Contrast.

The House of Prayer

First the House of Prayer is a Catholic organisation established under the Archdiocese of Tuam when Archbishop Cassidy was in place.

with Dr cassidy



Buses still bring mainly elderly folk to the Shrine from every part of Ireland.

A significant aspect to this recognition was the role of Fr Gerard McGinnity who had a very good reputation both as a scholar, whistlebower and his personal holiness.


                                 Christina Gallagher and Fr McGinnity in the USA.

However, within weeks of giving permission the Archbishop realised all was not what it appeared. However, instead of dealing with the mistake they had made they let it drift and tried to keep the problem at arms length. Why? Because if they actually addressed the issue they were afraid to lose support as the tide of support was very strong including the parent of a senior member of the Archdiocese who was very supportive of the HofP. Now over twenty years after the Catholic Church in Ireland has washed its hands of this case. They have developed a neat conjuring trick to deal with this problem, namely they have got this concept of Canon law voodoo where they say they do not recognise the group they gave recognition to and as they do not recognise it they have no responsibility for them. Meanwhile the leader of this group Christina Gallagher has amassed a  fortune and a property portfolio. Also while the Archdiocese alone is responsible for what happens in the Archdiocese of Tuam, the fact that Fr McGinnity has gone from his parish in Knockbridge, co. Louth in the  Archdiocese Armagh, nearly every Saturday for over twenty years and the Archdiocese has refused point blank to assist the families who have lost the connection to their loved ones.

Cardinal Brady was supposed to meet to discuss this issue a few years ago but suddenly retired and went missing. Equally, a few weeks ago Fr McGinnity retired with a nice sent of 69? Very young for a priest to retire. He is now up to his eyes in Achill.

Argus on retirement

I have seen with my own eyes the distress and total depression families have experienced when first Cardinal Brady and more recently and with even greater clarity the new Archbishop Eamon Martin has turned these people away. Some families have expereienced death and total loss of communication and are so low they find this journey of bringing these issues to the fore nearly impossible. The media instead of being at the forefront of assisting these people have gone missing.

So in regard to the House of Prayer, this a Catholic Church problem which they refuse to acknowledge.


Christina coming back from a pilgrimage in Italy in finery and with a Gucci bag.

Fr McGinnity who had a very sharp mind but because of his psychological state following  his treatment by the Catholic bishops was a sitting duck when he was love bombed by Christina. He not only fund raised for her using all his powers as a priest to get vulnerable Catholics first to see what Christina was at as Kosher, but also on public radio defended the house purchase in Malahide when it was clear he knew the facts. This was very well covered in Jim Gallagher’s book Immaculate Deception.


You will find out more about the HofP here.



Then a few days ago we received the news that Jim Lynn’s wife, Mechthild was now a director of the HofP. We were able to show last year that he was the beneficial owner of Christina’s Malahide House.

 The Palmarians

Here we have a group that not only claim to be Catholic, but in fact they claim to be the Catholic Church and have excommunicated the Roman Catholic Church. The dilemma they now face is that Ginés Jesús Hernández, Gregorio XVIII and his wife, Nieves Trivino by undermining the authority of the group and having so much on the Church it is unlikely they will be able to survive very long. There plausibility structure is like quicksand. Actually the couple got married on Thursday September 8, in Monachil (Granada,) and will have the reception on Sunday 11th.


Just up the road in Lusk we have the case where the former Pope of the Palmarians, Ginés Jesús Hernández, Gregorio XVIII is the owner of the house. I did receive an email that suggested that the House was in Palmarian hands before it was recently bought, but Joe Duffy received calls denying this. It is likely though that many houses are being sold off and the money repatriated. We can only assume that Ginés has a lot of buried treasure and his wife has a lot of sex texts to use if this goes legal.

Maria's pics of PT1




As Pope

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