Palmarian Developments: Terry and Mike Garde of Dialogue Ireland on Liveline with Joe Duffy

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Terry gives an update on her brother’s death in Palma.

Mike Garde mentioned that the house in Lusk is owned by Ginés Jesús Hernández, Gregorio XVIII.




I am adding Magnus Lundberg’s comment which adds perspective.
“Just heard the testimony by Terry about her brother. As a Palmarian bishop in the 1980s, he, was known as Father Tobias, was sexually abused by church leaders as many others were. He was expelled from the church 24 years ago and suffered deeply both mentally and physically from his experiences. This very vulnerable person was made to go back to Palmar this summer to become a bishop again, but he died after just three days in the church compound. The doctor who the Palmarians used to write the death certificate stating that he died of a massive heart attack (they even have an autopsy room of their own). It might have been the case that he died from a heart attack, but it is a fact that no Palmarian called an ambulance. When I heard about what the Palmarian leaders try to do to her very vulnerable brother and her elderly parents, I must say that I burst into tears. This is pure evil. Mike Garde of Dialogue Ireland also contributes with new information about the Irish branch. The interview is found here (under the headline Palmarians):

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As Pope





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  1. That’s where the sad part comes in. Many of the faithful already knew that this was a fiasco, but they had been in it for almost thirty years. Too much time. The sect, just in case, tightened its standards, although, as is known, Gregorio XVIII, the first heterosexual holy father they had, eloped with one of his faithful, “a good jackfruit”, in his own words, and publicly acknowledged that this was a milonga. The documentary leaves him today, when the organization has already asked its members to tithe and it is said that they also register their properties in their name. That the pope escaped, who also posed at Interviu with his girlfriend, was a scandal that left the business blinking and now there are only desperate attempts by poor people trying to get their relatives to abandon a cult as stifling as it is extractive.

    We would value an editing of our English text.


  2. […] Ahí entra la parte triste. Muchos fieles ya sabían que todo aquello era una fiasco, pero llevaban casi treinta años ahí dentro. Demasiado tiempo. La secta, por si acaso, recrudeció sus normas, aunque, como es sabido, Gregorio XVIII, el primer santo padre heterosexual que tuvieron, se fugó con una de sus fieles, «una buena jaca», en sus propias palabras, y reconoció públicamente que aquello era una milonga. El documental lo deja en la actualidad, cuando la organización ya ha pedido el diezmo a sus miembros y se habla de que también inscribir a su nombre sus propiedades. Que se les fugase el papa, que además posó en Interviu junto a su novia, fue un escándalo que dejó el negocio parpadeando y ahora solo quedan intentos desesperados de pobre gente intentando que sus familiares abandonen un culto tan asfixiante como extractivo. […]


  3. I hope Terry will never give in and allow her vulnerable son to be bullied and manipulated by his grandmother, to the extent that he enters the Church in Palmar and becomes a cardinal. The strongest always wins. Be the strongest + smartest, Terry! Get help from Social Services, psychologists, counsellors and whatever else it takes! Fight fire with fire if need be. The only way I got my parents out of the Palmarian Church was by being bloody minded. I was determined to save my father from my mother’s religious nonsense. Good luck, Terry!


  4. The more exposure the better. Shedding a light on the palmarians. It seems the more flesh on display makes it harder to cover up this scam.

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