Magnus Lundberg comments on the barefaced lies of the Palmarian Pope and his Popepet

Well, if anybody had told half a year ago that that Palmarian pope Gregory XVIII would pose bare-chested in a magazine before the end of the year, I would not have believed it, to say the least. In early 2016, he excommunicated and expelled men for wearing short sleeves or a buttoned down shirt with long sleeves, and women who wore skirts reaching more than 35 centimeters over the ground. Or even small children talking to girls wearing pants. In September, he’s playing Adam and Eve with his future wife. That’s a drastic conversion.

La portada






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  1. Thanks for making what was incoherent coherent Magnus. I will publish this to help English speakers understand. Hopefully someone will volunteer to translate as mine is pretty bad.


  2. A brief summary of the article in Interviú.

    Ginés and Nieves will be married on 11 September. She asserts that he has left everything behind, when leaving the church except for the BMW. Nieves is working as a municipal event arranger in Monachil (Granada). Now she is arranging her own wedding. There will be around 120 guests at the ceremony. She explains that she is posing in Interviú to silence those who believed that Ginés would establish another Palmar in her home town or that he would transform her into a traditionalist. They will have a civil ceremony in Sacromonte (Granada), as Ginés is excommunicated from both the Roman Catholic and the Palmarian Catholic Church.

    She states that she has liked Ginés ever since she first laid her eyes on him at church services in Palmar de Troya thirty years ago. She talks about the group of bishops who were expelled in the year 2000 and that she accuses them of many things. She claims that one Palmarian ex- bishop, who now is married, tried to establish a sexual contact with her, and that another sent her sexually explicit pictures. Nieves was married between 2003 and 2011, and gave birth to two children.

    She claims that she in 2015 (?) got to know that a group of ex-bishops (among those expelled in 2000) planned to break into the Palmarian church compound, hold Gregory XVIII a prisoner and steal valuables from the church. Believing that these rumors were true, she was able to contact Pope Gregory, informing him about them. Following this initial contact, they had many long conversations over the phone. On 13 November 2015 they had a rendez-vous at a hotel in Granada, and met there on a couple of other occasions. She tells that Ginés was uncertain whether he should leave the church and live with her, but on 12 March 2016 he proposed to her.

    In the magazine there is a picture of the Ginés and Nieves playing the parts of Adam and Eve. But the journalist claims that Ginés accepting the apple from Nieves did not mean that he was expelled from paradise, but that he, at last, entered it. Most of the 10-page article contains pictures of Nieves in different positions, wearing revealing underwear. These pictures are mixed with images from Palmar de Troya, including portraits of the four popes.

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  3. Have corrected those errors of yours and look forward to hearing from this magazine in regard to copyright. You are joking when you suggest I should be aware that the magazine is sleazy? It certainly is not on the Prado site and is really a porn operation in many languages. It is important that the former members see this and that commentary begin. Did you get a chance to read that propaganda piece I published? Any assistance with the text would be greatly appreciated. Just sent revisions as a PM.


  4. Could you please correct the typos I have in my text, deleting “who wore skirts” and changes “group” to “ground”. The whole article is not open-access, but downloadable for a fee at But you should be aware that this is a sleazy magazine.

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