Prime Time documentary on the Muslim Brotherhood European HQ situated at the Clonskeagh Mosque.

FG at Mosque


Clonskeagh mosque 2


Clonskeagh mosque 3

The programme on RTE Prime Time programme on July 27th night was very welcome but its content had been delayed for ten years. In December 2006 RTE had a documentary on the Muslim Brotherhood and its HQ in Europe Clonskeagh and had raised similar issues about them.
We in Dialogue Ireland have been drawing attention to the issues surrounding the Muslim Brotherhood for 15 years at least. It is amazing that Imam Halawa has been here for 20 years and still has to have Ali Selim translate for him. He can’t express himself in English.
You will find all you need to know about these issues by visiting our blog at:

Again during the programme there was the oft repeated idea that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the country. It is likely the religion with the most immigrants who have come into Ireland, however, it is in fact one of the lowest growing religions in Ireland. In fact there is a very deep decline in religious practice, but if you take the view you are born into a religion then by definition there will be an increase in that religion by virtue of the growth in the population as our current census suggests. Hardly a scientific means to study the growth of a religion?
This article will help you get he picture.

What was quite shocking, not in the negative sense was for the first time the Clonskeagh Mosque came under media scrutiny. They have been able act as the official Vatican for Muslims for nearly two decades. The government of the day give them a totally undeserved status.

Clonskeagh mosque 1


When Richard Downes asked the Imam if he was involved with the Muslim Brotherhood he ducked and dived even though we have a lot of evidence that he is their pointsman in Ireland. Asked about the Sisi regime in Egypt he made a savage attack on them. He and his daughters have not got a clue about strategy if they want their brother to go free. They are so under the influence of the MB they do not use common sense in regard to trying to save their family member.

This report is totally out of date now as the Maktoums are really no longer connected to the mosque.

Maktoums 1996

After the MB came to power in Egypt they were funding their Irish franchise. Again the programme missed the point that Ibrahim Halawa was in fact going to Egypt to support the MB funders of the Clonskeagh Mosque. He was the collateral damage when there was regime change. He was still mouthing the old mantras when the tectonic plates shifted. Also throughout the UAE the MB was thrown out as they were caught trying to infiltrate their governments.

The most comprehensive archive on this whole area is by Mark Humphrys.
He gives details about a number of the issues raised in the documentary and you will find more in our archive.

The government needs to maintain a discreet distance from Clonskeagh and not jump to other mosques that on initial reading seem to be playing the right cards of integration and rights for all.


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