Overreach: Update on Victory Outreach

The issue of Console has raised again the problems associated with charities. This report in 2013 raised exactly the same issues then.

Late in 2014 we had overtures from VO and engaged with them about the abuses outlined a year earlier in the Prime Time documentary.


They clearly tried to separate themselves from Andy Valdez and his Freedom Ministries. Our discussions broke down and could find no one to take responsibility for the issues raised by the documentary. One of the reasons VO was able to be so successful is that they did not require any entry requirements and so vulnerable families and addicts flock to them like bees to honey not realising the trap they are entering.


Our intelligence suggests that VO has gone underground and certain leaders have moved to locations like Cork and some to other locations. We hear that funds that had been buried at the end of the collapse of the VO grouping in 2013/14 have been invested in in various businesses but the public do not realise the connection to VO. This story has not ended and many former addicts have reverted to addiction including some involved with the documentary. We have clear intelligence ion this and will be able to lead the Gardai directly to where those that are involved with this scam.

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