Joe Duffy on the Palmarians and the House of Prayer


Joe Duffy in MonS1

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Joe Duffy writes about the Palmarians and how family members are affected.
The Irish Palmarians are the largest group in the Church. We believe that there about 200 members and as result we can extrapolate that around 2000 family members are affected. Vulnerable adults and especially the elderly are under savage pressure. Joe also referenced the House of Prayer where the Catholic Church has washed it’s hands of involvement in pastoral care to the mainly elderly participants. They also refuse to remove priests who are supporting this scam. It is our reading that there are about 20,000 people affected.


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  1. Its great that Joe is covering this topic in the newspapers and on the radio, the more people that are talking about this abuse the better, it gives the families who are left behind and stuck with the emotional and financial mess a bit of support to know that they are not alone. and there is the useless Catholic Church overlooking it all, looking after themselves with their business as usual approach, stick their old heads in the sand. But the people will not forget.


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