Maria Hall and the Palmarians: The craziness that led to liberty


Maria Hall

Last year Maria wrote a book about her experiences and it is certainly a must read for  anyone who wants to understand what being a Palmarian is like. Recently the story has become about the celebrity Pope who left and looking at the St Peter’s of Palmaria Rome. No this about the break up of families, the psychological damage done to children and the undue influence exercised on the elderly. The reality is that once the undue influence has been exercised people can be in Raheny and do not require the large walls of Palmar to keep people in. Of course it is a mind wall but the real one helps keeps the member prisoners in. They become in time their own prison warders. The photographs that Maria brought back from Spain show the  wall and the separation of people like in Berlin rather than the glories of of the Cathedrals of Spain. It looks like a concentration camp as Nick calls it.


Maria in her favourite chair


Maria's pics of PT

Maria's pics of PT1

Maria's pics of PT2

Maria's pics of PT3

Maria's pics of PT4Maria's pics of PT5

Maria's pics of PT6

Maria's pics of PT7

Life inside                                                    A village gets on with life

Maria's pics of PT10

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  1. Thanks for that small vignette. A lot of elderly members sell their properties here and disinherit their families in Ireland and move into what is a compound without much support. Do tell us more if appropriate.


  2. I had a friend whose son was taken in by the Palmarians way back in the early 80’s. His mother visited him once and was totally enraptured with them. Within the span of 9 months he was a Cardinal and then a year later he came home a very disillusioned and discouraged young man. He finally returned to the Roman Catholic church and has since died.

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