An update from Terry who’s brother died days after he returned to the Palmarians in Spain.

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Palmarian Church Update
19 July 2016
An update from Terry who’s brother died days after he returned to the Palmarians in Spain.


Today we had the difficult job of understanding how a woman in Dublin can be influenced by the ideology of the Palmarians to the extent that she allows her sick son to go back to a place where he was abused. Also how the effects on the family can be absolutely dreadful. We will likely see these dynamics work themselves out when the folks in the House of Prayer reach a similar age. Families who can’t enter the home and where children have grown up in the shadow of isolation and despair.


You can now find Dialogue Ireland as a on the Live Line help list:

Dialogue Ireland

An independent trust that works to promote awareness and understanding of religious issues and cultism in Ireland.


Those seeking help with vulnerable persons due to cult involvement should call the National Safeguarding Office at 061 461165 and they will give you the contact details of a social worker in your area who can assist you. Or if you think criminal activity has taken place make a statement to your local Garda station.

The Spanish  Embassy* in Dublin confirmed that they are aware of the Palmarians and were very clear that if an Irish citizen had died in whatever context the local Irish representative must be informed. The nearest is Ignatio in Seville. His number is 0034954690689

The email address is:

The number for the Spanish Embassy is as following:

012691640 Ask for the Legal section. It is important that families so long separated from their loved ones begin to put in place contacts as we are hearing that as older members die houses are being sold and elderly people put in in houses together without proper supports and funds are being repatriated to Spain.


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  1. Heartbreaking listening to this family – so articulate and strong despite what they are going through. Bringing many memories and emotions back for me . Giving voice to the voiceless and those that have been isolated by this religion. Sending love and support – Joan

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